10 Crucial Landing Page Elements for SuccessIf your landing page is not performing as well as you would like, the problem may be in the design. A well-designed, streamlined landing page and opt-in form will increase customer interest and overall sales. Landing pages allow business to guide prospects to highly targeted areas of your website where lead-generation is more effective.

Landing pages should keep your customer’s eyes on one particular page, discourage them from clicking away, and avoid distractions. After all, the purpose of a landing page is to provide an offer to the visitor and receive a lead in return. Convert website visitors into buyers with some field-tested tips.

  1. What Every Landing Page Must Have

    While there’s an infinite number of ways to design your website, these common elements will give you a rock-solid foundation to increase conversions:

    • A headline featuring a sub-headline. Grab their attention quickly.
    • At least a few lines with an enticing description of the offer.
    • A high-quality image. No stock or phone camera pictures.
    • An opt-in form to request client information.
    • Reinforcement of trust. For example, be sure to include a short testimonial or display a security seal.
  2. Don’t Use a Menu Bar

    Internet users get distracted easily. The key here is to not provide a reason to leave the landing page. Don’t let visitors click away from your site.  If you don’t have a menu to click on, prospects have less of a reason to leave your page.

  3. Make Sure the Headline is Similar to Your Call-to-Action

    If those two elements don’t match up, visitors may not know if they are on the correct page, and they may leave your website. Don’t use any resemblance of the bait-and-switch technique. Deliver what you promise on your call-to-action and landing pages.

  4. Avoid Clutter

    Display only the basics and no more. The page should be easy read and guide the visitor’s eye right where you want it. If the page is too busy, it won’t be as effective.

  5. Stress the Offer’s Benefits

    Instead of simply listing what the offer includes, tell you customers specifically how it will help them. For example, “this software will decrease payroll errors by 75%!”

  6. Be Easy to Share

    Do your customers use Facebook ,Twitter or regular email? Reddit or Pinterest? Include buttons so they can easily share your great offer with others.

  7. Build a variety of Landing Pages for More Business

    You can target customers more effectively with several landing pages designed for different demographics. Once you have  at least 10 landing pages, your conversions can jump as much as 50%.

  8. A Little Information Is a Good Thing

    There’s a trade-off with the length of your opt-in form. While a longer form means better leads, visitors are less likely to fill it out and may abandon your site completely. Test several versions of the form to find the one that works best for you.

  9. The Action Button

    Often a lead capture page will feature a “submit’ button at the bottom. That’s not a very warm way to ask for information. Get your visitors excited about sharing their information with you. Instead of a “submit” button, use a button unique to your offer, like “Download the free e-book now!”

  10. Social Proof

    Everyone hates spam. You will lose some sales leads due strictly to the fear of spam. Let visitors know that you are trustworthy.

    • Include a short testimonial from a satisfied customer.
    • Display a security seal.
    • Include a link to your privacy policy.

Have you tested any other landing page tips and found success? Share your comments below.

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