10 Ways to Create Landing Pages that Convert

11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages
Effective landing pages are a boon to online marketers. Unlike regular web pages, they’re designed to capture leads at a much higher rate. Designing landing pages that convert, however, is a tough job. Here’s why we’re putting together 11 unmissable tips to create one.

1) Basics of an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages that convert visitors into willing buyers have the following key elements:

  • A headline and a sub-headline (when necessary)
  • A brief product description that highlights the value of your offer
  • At least one visual element that supports the text
  • A contact form for acquiring visitors’ information, especially email addresses

2) Skip the Navigation

A landing page is different from any regular page on your website. Don’t use the default template that includes the main navigation. Otherwise, you’ll be distracting visitors to navigate to other pages, hence encouraging them to abandon your landing page.

10 Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages

3) Keep Your Headline and CTA Consistent

Giving out simple, clear and genuine messages in both your call-to-action (CTA) and headline will earn visitors’ trust. They’ll most likely check out your offer and appreciate your honesty.

4. Choose a Minimal Design

A cluttered landing page confuses, annoys and overwhelms visitors. They’ll most likely end up leaving soon and buying nothing. A clean page, on the other hand, directs visitors to key messages including CTA and contact form.

5) Highlight Value in Clear Terms

Summarized the value of your offer in three sentences or in a few bullet points. Visitors automatically ask themselves “what’s in it for me” when viewing a landing page. Answer them with an irresistible offer such as a free download.

10 Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages

6) Promote Through Social Media

Let visitors find and talk about your product by including social media buttons on the landing page. Keep your buttons to a minimum. Most online users are actively sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also don’t forget to add an email forwarding button.

7) Make it Easy for Visitors to Give Information

Visitors generally ignore filling out lengthy forms. There’s no hard and fast rule on how little or how much data you should require from visitors, so determine the minimum you need in order to qualify leads.

10 Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages

8) Skip the Default Term “Submit”

Nobody wants to “submit” to anything. To increase form conversion rates, the psychological trick is to replace “submit” with a phrase that benefits prospects. Here are some phrases to choose from: “Get Your Whitepaper Now,” Download Your Free Ebook,” Access Our Member-Only Resource Page.”

9) Earn Your Visitors’ Trust

More and more online users are wary of spamming and are hesitant to give out their email address. Reduce their anxiety by highlighting the fact that you’re keeping their data private. Leverage social proof by adding links to popular review sites and customer testimonials.

10) Optimize Contact Form

Design your form in such a way that attracts visitors to fill it out with contact details. Generally, shorter forms appeal to people because they’re less time-consuming. Try to make yours shorter by adjusting fonts and field boxes.

What other landing page techniques have we missed? Share your comments below

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