Improve Your Social Media ReachIt seems that there is a never ending struggle for marketers involving lead gen and social media. Lead gen and social media seem to have more differences than similarities. Except for publishing links to landing pages, it is hard to generate leads on social media. That why it is important to grow your social media reach.

Here are 10 Different Ways to Grow Your Social Reach:

  1. Add Social Sharing and Follow Buttons to all of Your Work
  2. Regardless of whether you are marketing something online or offline, you should include a call to action that will let people know about where to find you on social media. People can recommend your work to others, or just follow you on social media themselves. This will allow you to grow your social reach.

  3. Keep the Social Share and Follow Buttons Visible on Mobile Devices
  4. Many people use their mobile devices to observe and search for new, exciting content. You need to take advantage of this by making your social share and follow buttons accessible on mobile devices. People can share the content from your site while they are waiting in line for something or at the bus stop.

  5. Make Sure That Your Content is Relevant to Social Networks
  6. Anything that you say on Twitter should be short and simple. If you are talking on Facebook, you have a bit more room to say more. When using social media like Twitter and LinkedIn, it may be better to post links to the content, instead of doing a lot of talking. The key idea to remember is that you want your content to spread.

  7. Maintain Communication with Your Fans and Followers
  8. This is a great way to grow your social reach. The more that your fans communicate publicly, the more exposure your presence on social media receives. Make sure that you post thought provoking content.

  9. Make Sure That Your Profiles are Current
  10. If you do not keep your profiles up to date, your fans may lose interest and stop following you. If you post content regularly, then your fans will always look forward to what is going to come next. This gives people a reason to share and follow your content.

  11. Consider Using Paid Advertising
  12. Paid advertising options have become a key component to social networks. If you have the ability, look at running some paid advertisements that encourage more fans and followers.

  13. Use New Tools as They Become Available
  14. New tools such as Vine and Pinterest have the ability to make social media marketing even more effective. Not all of these tools may be beneficial, but there is likely at least one tool that you can use to grow your social reach. Try each of the new social media tools out, and see which one works best for you.

  15. Use The Newsjack Technique
  16. This technique refers to using a popular current event for a business gain. If something is popular, talk about it on your social media pages. You could become a main source of information for your fans, which means that they have to follow you.

  17. Use Visuals
  18. Visuals are a very popular tool on social media. Visuals lead to increased engagement. Increased engagement increases your visibility to those people who are not familiar with your content. Be sure to use videos, cartoons, and other images that you can think of.

  19. Start a Guest Blogging Program
  20. By collaborating with others, you can showcase your content to a different audience. Your guest blogging partner will help you gain some new fans.

Do you have any other surefire ways that you have successfully improved your social media reach? If so, leave your comments below.

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