10 Modern Technologies That Make the Case for Inbound Marketing Companies who rely on older marketing tactics such as radio, television, cold calls, email spam, or direct mail are beginning to see a decrease in success rates of their advertising. This is because customers are blocking out these former methods of contact through various technologies. As customers gain control over how they are contacted, businesses have to change their advertising strategies. Methods like social media, blogs, and email that are permission-based are still showing potential to reach potential clients. These methods are less intrusive and are more likely to generate a sales call than the methods that were used before.

1) DVR

Research indicates 86% of television viewers are skipping commercials with their DVR by watching pre-recorded shows and fast forwarding through the advertisements.

2) Online Television Programming

On-demand movies and television shows are becoming increasingly popular thanks to services like Netflix and Hulu. Ads are available in limited quantities, or not at all if subscribers apply for premium services.

3) Unsubscribing From Emails

10 Modern Technologies That Make the Case for Inbound Marketing
People are unsubscribing from marketing emails at an increasing rate. In addition, the CAN-SPAM laws have made it to where emails must be easy to unsubscribe or risk legal backlash. Marketers must provide value, not spam, in their emails to avoid losing future contacts.

4) Email Filters

The filters for the various emails available are becoming increasingly smarter. In addition, users can simply route any email from a specific email addresses, vendor, word selection to a folder and bypass their inbox all together.

5) Ad Blockers

Multiple software is available now that will block almost all online advertising. The average click-through rates for online advertisements has decreased substantially.

6) The National Do Not Call Registry

Created by the Federal Trade Commission, the Do Not Call Registry allows potential consumers to add their name to a list that bans companies from being able to contact them for sales. It also prohibits calls from being made before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

10 Modern Technologies That Make the Case for Inbound Marketing

7) Caller ID

For the calls that still make it past the Do Not Call Registry, or for people who haven’t signed up on the list, Caller ID allows potential clients to sift through each call they receive and determine whether or not they want to speak to you.

8) Internet Music

11 Modern Technologies That Make the Case for Inbound Marketing
Music services like Pandora and Spotify allow users to listen to music with limited or no commercial interruptions. For those who are travelers, MP3 and iPod players have made it easier for people to get through the day without hearing commercials.

9) The Internet

With more people switching to online billing the need for “snail mail” is decreasing. The majority of advertisements that are sent through the mail are being thrown in the trash without ever being opened. Instead people use the same source they go to for their billing statements; the Internet.

10) Search Engines

As with delivery mail, the yellow pages are becoming obsolete. Search engines make it easy for users to look for the services they need that are optimized for the area they are in, read reviews, and locate the number with just the click of a button.

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