15 Fresh Stats About Social Media Marketing BehaviorRumors about social media are really a dime a dozen. Conflicting articles are posted every day about social media sites, some saying how one site is dying, some saying how that same site is growing, some saying how social media itself is on the decline, some saying that all social media sites are bursting with growth, and some reporting that an old site is coming back from the dead! So, what is the truth about social media?

15 Fresh Social Media Marketing Behavior Statistics

  1. Social networking sites take up 27% of the United States internet time.
  2.  Even the United States mobile internet time is up near that percentage, coming in at 15% of time is being spent on social networking sites.
  3. Trade shows, direct mail, PPC, and telemarketing all get their marketing leads almost doubled by social media.
  4. 13% more people are lead to conversion by social media than average.
  5. Social media is becoming a more important part to companies. 21% of marketers are now taking mare importance in  using social media in their company.
  6. Facebook has become important for lead generation for 74% of marketers.  Meaning we are well to the point where Facebook is way more than just keeping in touch with friends and family.
  7. More than 1,000 Facebook likes for a company has been leading to almost 1,400 visits to their website in a day.
  8. Slightly over half (52%) of marketers have found at least one customer in 2013 that came from Facebook.
  9. Facebook isn’t the only social media website bringing marketers customers in 2013, Twitter has also brought 36% of marketers a customer.
  10. 85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommend brands to others, compared to 60% of average users.
  11. Twitter has given B2B tech brand sites 19% more visitors than just the 40% that is the average internet population.
  12. A quarter of the consumers who, via Facebook or Twitter, complain about a product, expect one hour to be an adequate response time.
  13. When it comes to checking out a brand’s social page, 48% of women are going to versus the 43% of men that do.
  14. Since 2012, 9% more marketers are investing in social media and blogging, raising it to 23% in 2013.
  15. Almost half of the people (46%) making purchase decisions that use the internet, rely on social media to help them make the decision.

Social media is not just a new fad, it’s here for the long run. Social media has already become an everyday part of so many lives, especially the lives of youths.  Whether you are a marketing researcher, and you’ve got to make a recommendation on where to spend marketing money, or you’re a small time business owner skeptical of the benefits of marketing through social media, these stats should reinforce how important social media marketing is.

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