15 Tips to Be a Successful In Social Media MarketingThere is so much baseless advice about social media going around that are not true. In social media marketing, there are tactics which work and those that don’t. Following the techniques that have seen surefire success for the masses is one of the easiest starting points in optimizing your social media campaigns.  These techniques are something you can’t afford to overlook.

15 data backed ways that will help you generate leads and improve clout in your industry:

1. Tell users why they should follow you. Include in your profile descriptive words, phrases and titles that portray you as the expert you are. Use titles like, “expert”, “speaker”, “guru”, etc. Accounts with such words have more followers than those with mere names.

2. Use calls-to-action (CTAs) on Facebook. Include words like “like” in your posts to invite more people to like whatever you have posted or your page in general.

3. Ask questions on Facebook. Questions which require yes/no answers and those that offer multiple choices like “which” usually have more comments than non-question posts. These posts usually get more comments when people attempt to answer the question asked.

4. Use tall images on Pinterest. Tall image heights with higher pixels get re-pinned more on the social network.

5. Check your posts’ time. Post your updates on days when people are less busy like on weekends or holidays. You will get more likes than when you post on weekdays when people are busy with work. This is common with updates of Facebook Timelines.

6.  Use links in between characters in Twitter. Place links just before the midpoint of tweets. This increases the clickthrough rate than when the links are placed just anywhere.

7. Use links to get retweets. About 25% of your tweets should have links. Studies show that more than half of retweets have a URL.

8. Post something new. Non retweeted tweets contain more commonly used words than retweeted tweets. Be creative with your tweets.

9. Mention food: sounds funny but it actually works. Pages which talk about food have more likes than those which don’t.

10. Use Hashtags on Instagram. Include Hashtags to the photo descriptions you post on Instagram to get more Likes.

11. Photos do the magic on Facebook. Attach photos to your posts on Facebook. You will get more Likes than if you use text only, or video.

12. Tweet at 4p.m. Eastern Time. Tweets posted at around this time get more retweets than those posted at any other time.

13. Don’t go neutral. Lean more on the positive side. But negative too is better than neutral. Positive gets more Likes.

14. Write long tweets to get higher click through rates. Number of clickthrough of tweets increases with the overall length of the tweets.

15. Ask for retweets. Include a call to action in your post that asks your followers to retweet the post. There is more likelihood that it will be retweeted.

Try any of the above tactics and see for yourself how effective they are.  Share your results below.

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