3 Easy Steps to Sculpt Your Lead Nurturing Content for Individual Buyer PersonasLead Nurturing is the process of guiding your leads through your sales channel by providing continued value and reasons to engage your brand. By identifying characteristics of buyer behavior you can target your marketing effort to groups of leads that share similar patterns, or buyer personas.

Companies that are successful at targeting individual buyer personas see better conversion rates on their marketing copy and results in an increase in sales, but for each targeted buyer persona, your need for quality content increases geometrically.

Creating quality content takes time. If you have a dedicated marketing department, this might not be an obstacle but if you are a solo- entrepreneur content creation is- you guessed it- your job. It can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is how to tweak your lead nurturing content for individual buyer personas in three easy steps:

Step One: Identify Your Buyer Personas

Your first step is to take a good look at types of people that would make great customers. You are likely to find that you can meet the needs of very different segments of the market. There are patterns in behavior that may help you better understand how to tweak your content for these different groups. Something as simple as a “where did you hear about us?” drop down in a lead form can work to this advantage.

Every industry and business will have its own factors to consider but here is a general list of questions to get you started thinking about your key buyer personas:

  • What are their demographic traits? Social status, education, age, sex, geographic even.
  • Is this Buyer persona tech savvy?
  • If you sell B2B what seniority level is this person? What market position does your target business have?
  • What are your leads pain points? What does she need most?
  • What is the purchasers role in using the product, selecting the product?

Step Two: Review Your Lead Nurturing Content

Next, take a look at the content you have.  A well rounded archive of lead nurturing content will support all phases of the sales life cycle. The most common sales funnel stages that businesses track are Awareness, Decision, and Purchase.

It will take time to build an arsenal of buyer targeted content, so you want to start with your top performing content. What content you have and what performs best might be wildly different but your marketing collateral list might look something like this:

 Sales Stage Content Examples Performance Metric
 Information Qualified Blogs, Ebooks, tip sheets, worksheets, how-to videos, free webinars  Visitor to lead conversion
 Marketing Qualified Product Specifications, Demo videos, samples, testimonials Email open and click thru rates
 Sales Qualified Proposal, Estimate, free trial, live demo, contract offer Lead to purchase conversion rate


Step Three: Sculpt Your Content

Beginning with your existing, top-performing content, modify it based on what you know about your key buyer personas. Decide how best to modulate your message to the buyer persona in any of several ways such as:

  • Tone, Language- one segment of your leads might demand specific technical information, while another requires  layman’s terms.
  • Format, length- if video performs much better than text for one segment, a bullet list or outline might be easily repurposed into a slide show
  • Meeting the buyer’s needs: What benefit(s) of your product that you highlight might depend on the buyer persona.

Putting it to work

In order to begin putting all this to work for you right away, you need to categorize your leads based on the criteria you established, and design campaigns in your lead management system based on buyer persona and sales lifecycle stage.

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