3 Elements Every Landing Page NeedsA landing page is basically where people are going to land due to a direct advertising campaign, promotional sign ups or another form of lead generation.  This is not necessarily your homepage, you usually want to create a separate page so that potential customers don’t get lost in all that homepages usually possess.  Having a page that is easy to navigate, has a clean feel and lets potential customer know what you want them to know. There are many things a great landing page should have, to be successful.

Here are three of the top things you should consider when creating a landing page.

  1. A Virtual Handshake

  2. This is basically what your landing page is.  It is introducing yourself to a potential client and making them feel like you care about their business.  This is where they will get their initial feel for your business and form their first and possibly most critical opinion. Your potential customers will most likely be very different from the people you sit around and people you deal with to build your company on a daily basis.  Make your companies mission and want to please your customers well known.  Keep it clear and concise and without too much repetition and make them feel as if they are having a one on one conversation with you.  When they leave your site you want them to feel as if they are already part of your businesses most valuable customers.

  3. Show Them the Money

  4. Show your potential customer how you are going to save them money or how you are going to assist them in reaching a goal, saving them time.  Make it clear the reasons why they should choose you to do business with.  Don’t make outlandish claims that you can’t back up but let them know exactly how you can go about helping them. A landing page that will bring in more business will answer the customers questions and let them know what the benefits are.  They provide information that they may not be able to find anywhere else but that they need to know.  It will also explain clearly why you are the best choice.  Once again be clear and concise and make it clear why they should choose you.

  5. What is Your Landing Page Doing For You

  6. This is the external part of your landing page that only your business sees but needs to be paid attention to.  This tracking information will give you the information you need to have a proper marketing strategy and help you make changes when you need to.  Make sure you have an idea of what you want to use to mark the success of your campaign and page success.  You can then make changes according to these goals rather then making changes every time a number changes.

Take these tips into consideration and be ready to make changes often, a great landing page can be a very successful part of a businesses marketing campaign.

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