“How do I know which keywords my website should rank for the best ROI?”

A question we at PageLadder often get asked by our SEO clients. We often answer “Don’t worry about that we’ll do the research for you and provide you with high ROI keywords for your industry.” Well it’s no secret that Google provides free tools for doing keyword research on your own. This is often necessary when crafting blog posts for your personal or business site. Writing blog posts without doing keyword research is kinda like stepping up the the plate without a bat. SEO should never be an afterthought. Use these 3 free Google keyword research tools to help you get loads of unique organic traffic and dominate your competition.

1. Google Suggest Keyword Research Tool:

2. Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool:

3. Google Insights for Search Keyword Research Tool:

Make sure you watch each of these three videos to see how each tool can benefit your business or personal website. Leave a comment below if you have a question on any of these three free tools and start the discussion. As I mentioned before SEO should never be an afterthought and keyword research is always the first step when creating content for online distribution. Keep in mind that it is important to write for the reader and not write for Google. Writing with Google in mind is OK but if it is so obvious that the content doesn’t sound right or read well then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Takeaway: Remember quality content always wins regardless of which keywords you are targeting.

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