3 Growth Techniques For Floundering Agencies Should anyone claim to have their finger on the pulse of the marketing world, they will have already laid the foundation for an expensive failure. The pulse is with the people, and as far as consumers are concerned, you do not exist if you do not engage them.

Unfortunately, the world that we live in is a rapidly changing one, and business is but communication. A successful marketing strategy is one that incorporates innovation from a communication standpoint.  For this reason, many marketing agencies tailor their marketing approach to the needs of their clients. This approach does work, but it’s not perfect. From an operational standpoint, you can really only stretch yourself so thin, especially if your sales quota is dependent upon business-to-business marketing.

Here are three ways to get yourself back on track:

  1. Scout Fresh Talent
  2. Scouting isn’t just for coaches. Do your research. LinkedIn is a good place to start looking. You’ll want undergraduate students with a solid run of achievements. Bear in mind that many students may not fit your mold, and that’s fine, but don’t pass up a college senior with his sights on graduate school because his approach to marketing is a little different than yours. Fresh talent amounts to fresh eyes, and fresh eyes are always a good thing, especially when it comes to marketing.

    Remember, also, that undergraduates have not only a practical knowledge of the world, but a social knowledge of it as well.

  3. Don’t Get Too Comfortable
  4. It’s important to have a client base, as long as it keeps you going in the right direction. Often, agencies work with a set group of clients for so long that the clients become desensitized to what demands an alert, aggressive sales approach. The result is basic outsourcing rather than a synchronized, collaborative effort.

    Work with your team to market your services to young, energetic prospects, and explain to them the value of showing up hungry. Once you have your team on your side, instill the same values in your clients. A stronger team will bring in younger, more aggressive clients. As gains allow, cut ties with the clients that drain on your company culture, and your returns.

  5. Streamline a Course and Stay It
  6. An agency cannot be everything to every client at once. While, admittedly, innovative communications management is every agency’s unicorn, there are certain things that need to stay the same if you hope to run a tight ship.

    Your team has a personality. Find out what that is and review your most successful marketing campaigns. They should revolve around clients with like products and like levels of passion. Streamline a marketing strategy to mimic those returns and accept the losses on the campaigns that don’t fit the bill.

    This trains your team to recognize opportunities when they arise, and if everyone is doing the same thing, you have a better understanding of what works, and what doesn’t. As you notice results, market your services to clients who fall into those categories.

Has your business found success with any of these techniques? Share your experiences below.

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