3 Simple Steps To Attract Prospects With Content MarketingAny business that has no prospects is a business that will not last very long. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, having a strong web presence with appealing content marketing can increase a company’s traffic, which will lead to more prospects. Hubspot reported earlier this year that over 92% of companies that use inbound marketing improve their lead generation. However, many business owners today are confused or misguided about best practices to use content to bring in leads. There are some simple steps that business owners can take to improve their content marketing.

  1. Include Educational And Information Resources

    Web content has to be of some use to your prospects. You need to have authoritative information as well as links to other content that can solve a potential customer’s problem or address one of their concerns. Ask yourself the following questions when considering what type of resources to include on your page:

    • What common issues or questions do consumers in my industry face?
    • How can I establish a resource that will help prospects with these issues?
    • Is there an individual or organization that is already helping people in this way?

    To get started improving the resources that your business has, many of today’s marketers suggest using content curation, which refers to collecting existing content and enhancing it with opinions or additional insights.  Forbes recommends curating images, videos, and online magazine posts, as long as the content is consistent with your brand message and comes from a reputable source.

  2. Get Interviewed In Other Publications

    All sorts of magazines and blogs are always looking to deliver fresh, unique content to their readers. An interview with another company or media outlet will not only increase your credibility, it will help you provide compelling content that your prospects are interested in. Consider the following concerns when you look to approach other publications for interview opportunities:

    • Which kinds of interviews will my potential customers read?
    • Which pressing issues might I want to discuss in an interview?
    • What is the general format of these interviews?

    Answering these questions will help you understand the specifics of how interviews can attract prospects. Start by approaching smaller publications about interview opportunities that they might have for you. Many local outlets will be happy to offer their own readers thoughts and insights from someone that has experience and authority in their field.

  3. Contribute Articles To Other Sites

    Content marketing is broader than your own company page. Having your insights published in another blog or magazine will truly show your prospects that you are credible and you can offer them pertinent advice. To find opportunities to publish guest blog posts or articles, think about these issues:

    • Which blogs, magazines, or publications do my prospects read frequently?
    • What sort of topics do these publications cover?
    • How can I craft an article that fits the needs of the publication and is interesting to prospects?

    You can find guest article opportunities in the same way that you would find interviews: approaching smaller blogs or publications that cover subjects that you are knowledgeable on and proposing the idea of a guest post to them. Kuno Creative suggests that guest bloggers research so that they can put a fresh spin on a topic and include their own biography and a link to their site.

It is true that all businesses must focus on serving their existing clients. However, putting effort into finding new clients is what will keep your doors open. Improve your content marketing to drive up inbound leads and make prospects come to you.

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