3 Top Tips to Reduce Your Email Marketing ChurnRegardless of your high quality content, subscribers will always opt out of your email list. This is the unfortunate truth that all email marketers face, whether you are an email marketing guru or you have just launched an email marketing campaign.

To find out the primary reasons why people unsubscribe from email lists, Constant Contact surveyed 1,400 consumers. The study results showed that 69% of the consumers received excess emails from companies, 56% found out that the content being sent to them was no longer relevant ad 51% said they received content they were not expecting.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build an email list. Email marketers feel discouraged and frustrated when contacts start to opt out of the list. Luckily, there are a few actions you can take to reduce the number of people unsubscribing.

Here are three tips to minimize the number of people opting out:

  • Audit Your Email Database

    Auditing your database gives you an opportunity to know how active (or dormant) your subscribers are. You will know the number of people who click your emails, those who read, those who click less often and those who do not click completely. People’s needs change over time and your content may become irrelevant when needs change. A good way of your customers telling you that they no longer need your content is by opting out or simply not clicking and reading your emails. Do not get rid of inactive subscribers so easily, instead you should find out why they want to opt out or why they no longer read your emails.

    Use segmented lists when messaging. Ask your subscribers to participate in a survey to help you find out their reason for opting out and encourage them to update their email interests and preferences.

  • Develop Close Relationship With New Subscribers

    Start building a relationship with leads as soon as they subscribe to your list. Apart from name and email address, know your new subscriber’s interests and preferences. You can do this by including a link in your welcome message that leads to a page where your new contact can update their information. In this page, you should ask about the kind of information or content they would like to receive, the kinds of products and services they are interested in, what time they prefer emails sent to them and how often they access their emails, and so on.

    Understanding what your subscribers are interested in, need and prefer, will help you send relevant messages. This information also makes it easy for you to segment your email database to target your recipients and keep them engaged.

  • Email Is Not the Only Way to Engage Contacts

    People unsubscribe from your email list but not from your company completely. People’s needs change with time and thus may be the reason why they are opting out. Some people may want to change their email addresses or update their interests and preferences. Others may prefer social media to email. So, don’t give up on your recipients who unsubscribe regardless of their reason. Use all the available means of communication you have: phone, social media, blog, etc. Provide social media buttons in your emails so that those who prefer social network can catch up with your.

Although you feel as if your efforts have been wasted when people opt out of your list, you should make it easy for your contacts to update their profiles or unsubscribe if they so wish. These tips will help reduce your email marketing churn and engage your customers more.

Do you have any tips on keeping customers engaged through email  marketing campaigns?  Share your comments below.


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