7-quick-tips-for-creating-highly-effective-la7 Quick Tips for Creating Highly Effective Landing Pagesnding-pagesA landing page can be defined simply as a web site that is made to persuade a user to perform a specific action, such as sign up for a mailing list or buy a particular product. Landing pages are an integral aspect of web design for a business that wants to be sure that its web presence is as effective as possible. The quality of a landing page is measured by its CRO, or conversion rate optimization. While some companies have a home page serving as their landing page, this can often lead to confusion amongst visitors and cause a business to lose a potential sale. There are a few things that marketing experts suggest businesses do so that they can increase their CRO, which will correspondingly drive up the ROI of their web presence.

  1. Keep It Simple

    Many prospective consumers visit a landing page with the intention to buy a specific product, which means they are already partially through the sales process. Many organizations make the mistake of adding fluff or links to other parts of their web site. In an article on Mashable, CEO Adam Lieb reported that he found the most success with a landing page for his gaming social network, Duxter, after he took out almost all the text on the page and only included one sign-up button to consolidate the message of his landing page.

  2. Incorporate Media

    If you do want to include any kind of information about your company or the specific product that the landing page refers to, it is best to do so with some type of media, instead of long blocks of text that many prospects find tedious to read.  Include a short video or a few pictures of your products being used. A creative, properly edited video will maintain the interest of your prospects and help move them along in the buying process.

  3. Include Customer Reviews

    People are social animals, and the groupthink phenomenon is very present when people are deciding what they want to buy. In a HubSpot blog post from earlier this year, Anum Hussain suggests pulling quotes from testimonials or case studies, as well as embedding tweets from users that have already used your products or services. You could also incorporate data about how many people have also signed up on that landing page, which will reassure your visitors that your call to action is a good idea – if so many other people have already done it, they probably should too.

  4. Analyze and Tweak Everything

    Perform tests so that you have the data required to determine how to make your landing page ideal for your company needs. With HubSpot’s landing page creation tool, for example, users can test their pages and incorporate features like adaptive forms and calls-to-action. Unbounce provides a similar service that offers page templates, widgets, and custom URLs that give the impression that landing pages are present on your domain, even if they are on Unbounce servers.

Putting thought into your landing page can give a huge boost to your sales. However, a landing page that is too complex or contains too many words or pictures can drive away people that were already convinced that they wanted to buy from you or get more information about your company or its products. Simplify your landing page and continue to test and analyze the data that you receive from these tests so that you can make your landing page as efficient as possible.

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