4 Reasons Online Content Marketers Should Not Ignore LinkedInLinkedIn is the type of social networking platform that can reap benefits again and again for companies seeking to enhance or expand their online marketing presence and reach.  The top companies that have mastered an online presence have gone beyond simply establishing websites, news feeds and fan pages.  Top online content marketers understand that platforms such as LinkedIn offer an interactive medium for engaging an online audience with status updates, links, images and direct messages.

Mastering the marketing potential of LinkedIn goes far beyond simply completing a personal profile.  A professional profile can serve as a major opportunity to extend a brand’s presence by reaching and attracting new customers. With LinkedIn, content marketers can promote brands both effectively and almost effortlessly.

LinkedIn is evolving into the latest and hottest platform for exchanging, gathering and promoting content in the business-to-business segment of the social networking realm. Marketing messages can become increasingly more targeted for companies seeking to reach specific and segmented online audiences through LinkedIn. LinkedIn hurdles this challenge with ease and helps users get the most of online content marketing strategies to further the promotion and proliferation of their brands.

4 Reasons Online Content Marketers  Should Not Ignore LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn’s Status Today: This platform makes a content marketer’s job a little bit easier because it puts relevant information right in front of potential customers. With LinkedIn, users can organize headlines and other items that are trending online as people are talking about topics from more than 200 million professionals and places them in feeds based upon relevant industries. Content is shared beyond merely a company’s immediate reach through the many tentacles of LinkedIn associations to millions of online profiles. The ripple effect of sharing your content via LinkedIn seems almost endless.
  2. LinkedIn Influencers: LinkedIn Influences allow professionals to get updates from industry celebrities right on their own LinkedIn homepage. Relevant content for a medical manufacturing company can include posts about a new ebook on LinkedIn. For instance, the CEO and president of a medical manufacturing, can reads the post and like it on his feed, sharing it with all of his 85,000 followers who are likely to see that piece of content.  Thanks to LinkedIn’s algorithm, many of these same followers are likely to become members of the target audience for that same medical manufacturing company that had started with a simple post.
  3. LinkedIn Groups:   LinkedIn Groups exist for just about every topic imaginable, especially in the business-to-business world. Groups are great places to post content for branding, so it is highly advisable for content marketers to get in and get involved with LinkedIn Groups. Groups are not meant to be promotional, so content marketers should ensure that posts are relevant, useful and educational. These types of content get shared across social media channels, increasing both new followers and potential sales prospects.
  4. LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content:  LinkedIn will be launching Sponsored Content, much like Facebook’s Sponsored Stories. These new advertisements will allow brands to promote their content like eBooks, infographs and other branded content to targeted segments of their followers.

With these specific advances content for building a platform for distributing, obtaining and advertising content, LinkedIn is poised to become a premier hub for content that will help professionals do their jobs better and more efficiently, especially content marketers.

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