5 Easy Ways to Market Your Small Business with YouTubeYouTube is an important marketing platform for modern businesses. It enjoys a large fan base of over a billion users in a month and thus, it is an important platform to build your brand. The importance of YouTube as a marketing platform can only be stressed by the number of channel partners with a presence on its platform. In most occasions, small businesses keep away from YouTube because they lack videos to share on the platform or lack skills or knowledge of how to integrate YouTube with the already existing marketing strategy. Leveraging YouTube with the business marketing strategy may seem like a difficult task but once you understand the secrets of YouTube marketing, it is one of the easiest, cheapest and effective online marketing strategies.

Tips On How to Leverage YouTube Marketing for Small Businesses

  1. Let your customers promote your brand

  2. The best way that you can use YouTube to market your business to new conservative customers is by using existing customers’ testimonials. When new customers hear testimonies from your existing customers it is easy for them to trust your brand and make a purchase. This will give you a marketing advantage over your competitors. However, you should creatively integrate videos with your marketing message without making them sound like sales pitch.

    Videos are not just about you or your company but your customers and the joy of purchasing your products. The videos should include the situation they were in before they encountered your brand, why they choose your company and how the product or service transformed them.

  3. Host your educational videos on YouTube

  4. When connecting with your customers and partners you should remember to record the events especially if the event is a one time occasion. The idea of recording the event is to ensure even those customers who never attended the event has a chance to get the information later. Recording the event and posting the video on YouTube gives you a chance to prolong the lifespan of the message. It further offers flexibility and convenience to your prospects as they can watch it at their convenience.

  5. Post video demos of your services and products

  6. Images speak a thousand words but a video speaks more. Including a demo of your services and products is more effective than posting a standard photos and descriptions. Furthermore, a video clearly illustrates the benefits and features of your products and services, which is instrumental in showing how your product differs from your competitors’ products. A video also gives your business a competitive edge as most people prefer interactive videos rather than reading texts.

  7. Curate available online videos

  8. If you do not have adequate time to create your own videos, you should use the already existing ones on YouTube. You should look for videos that relate to your products or services on YouTube and share them with your clients through your blog, social media and email marketing. This option works differently from the previous methods as instead of posting videos to YouTube, you use the available videos to create your brand. Curating videos enables you to create learning resource materials, which enables customers to trust your brand.

  9. Optimize your Videos

  10. Optimizing your videos is essential as it allows possible customers to find them on the search engines. You should remember to optimize your videos’ titles, descriptions, keyword phrases and keywords. You should also not forget to link your YouTube videos with your social networks.

Do you use YouTube for your small business? What did you find successful? Share your comments below.

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