5 Keys For Captivating Content Without BloggingSuccessful inbound marketing is determined by the creation of captivating content. Make sure that your site’s content is high quality, educative and entertaining.  The content should be in line with your buyer’s persona. It should also be in accordance to the stages of the sales cycle. Content marketing should be used to convert leads into sales. It gives you an opportunity to engage the buyers further along the funnel with the help of product centered information.

Recent statistics show that blogging is one of the popular tools used for online content marketing; it is only second to social content. Blogging plays a major role in the content portion of your inbound marketing strategy. However, it is not the only content strategy that offers you a way of capturing leads using content.

Tools Used In Other Content Marketing Strategies


A content marketer that is good at making speeches but is not comfortable in front of the camera need not despair; they can use podcasts to deliver their message. Podcasts were invented soon after blogging but was not popular with the masses. Experts believe that the iTunes store will revive podcasting.

Info Graphics

Info graphics have been used in different industries with the same results. They can be used to show high interest statistics or explain a process in detail. Engage the graphic design department in the creation of such content.


There are inbound marketers that are very good at making presentations or public speaking but cannot put the same ideas into writing. Vlogging, video blogging, has made it possible for these professionals to make contributions to the company while in their niche. A content marketer that is good with words and has a good on-camera presence can create a video from blog posts; this move will take your marketing strategy to another level.

Advanced Content

As long as you own a website writing is inevitable. Advanced content has the capacity to generate hundreds of leads for your company. EBooks, whitepapers and fact sheets are the best tools for this form of content marketing. If you lack the resources needed to create advanced content you can outsource the services from experienced freelancers or a reputable in bound marketing agency.

Content Snacks

Content snacks are also effective tools of content marketing. They are nuggets of information that your audience can digest in seconds. The messages are displayed as text messages, bulleted lists and one image charts. This tool is best used on visual-centric platforms such as social media. You can post them in Tumblr, Facebook or Pinterest and see how effective they are.

Does your company have a successful content marketing strategy besides blogging? Share your tips in the comments section.


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