5 Outdated Marketing Rules Redefined for Successful Inbound MarketingIn the long tradition of sales there are a series of established rules widely recognized as what inbound marketers should do. These rules are tried and true and should not be shrugged lightly; however, there is no rule so important that you should follow it blindly. Risks should not be taken without consideration, but innovation requires risk and affords the biggest rewards for spontaneity. This post explains why smart marketers will break these rules to salvage their creativity and to become successful.

Rule #1: Top Down Strategy

In traditional marketing you start with potential leads, explain the product, and then market what the product does for them. Tracking down leads is difficult and turning these leads into sales is even harder. A more cost effective way to market a product can be to combine the three measures from the start. Use your marketing platform to reach people with an explanation of your product and why they should buy it simultaneously.

Rule #2: Up Selling

Instead of up selling use all that extra energy to get to know your client. Getting people to sign up for email list is a great way to do this, you can ask them where they live, what they do, and how they heard of you in order to pinpoint trends in your customer base. If you know the customers you have you will know what and how to sell to them and also be able to market to the people most likely to be interested in your product. This also removes a lot of the aggressiveness from your pitch that can drive customers away.

Rule #3: Interest Leading to a Sale

Of all the notions discussed this is the one you should dispense of immediately. Social media has made the this thinking obsolete. In years past a subscriber may have meant a buyer, but today someone can like what you are doing, follow what you are doing, and re-tweet it with no interest in actually buying your product. This means you need to lead with a full court marketing press. From beginning to end you should be identifying potential customers, solidifying your brand, and updating your direction with the trends in your industry.

Rule #4: Working in Time Cycles

No matter how you divide your fiscal year you can no longer afford to wait for results of your marketing strategies. The internet has made the marketing business an ever changing and instantaneous world. You need to be at the top your game at all times, ready to make adjustments and stop doing what is not working. To accomplish this gathering and analyzing sales stats should be something you are doing all the time. No matter how you decide to do it make it a constant goal to keep up with your customers.

Rule #5: Sale Made = Work Done

By now you know how fast paced today’s marketing world is and how hard it can be to keep up. The key to this is simply recognizing that your work is never done. You should always be working to gather intelligence and adjust your strategies. A sale is an opportunity for further research and insight into your target customers mind.

By breaking some of these traditional world you can improve not only immediate, but how marketing will be done in the future. You need to research, develop your name, and analyze what is working to stay on the competing edge. Be innovative, courageous, create your own more modern rules to deal with the ever evolving marketing world.

Do you break any traditional sales rules as part of your successful inbound marketing strategy?  Share your comments below.

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