6 Practices That Your Marketing Agency Should EliminateThings seem pretty difficult for marketing agencies right now. There are a few agencies that have withstood the cuts to marketing budgets that resulted in many agencies closing their doors. Today, while there are active marketing agencies, many are struggling to cope with a shift taking place in the industry.

However, there are new agencies emerging to cater to demands for measurable marketing. Despite this, you still have some marketing agencies who are resistant to change. Let’s take a look at 5 practices that agencies are getting away with now, but are likely to disappear very soon as a client’s demands continue to evolve.

  1. Follow Their Own Advice
  2. Not having a social media presence, a blog, or good content to attract new business in your pitch will result in negative consequences. Clients will look at your website to see if you are including these things. Agencies that don’t market themselves tell their clients that their services are not really important. Agencies must be their own case study. They will see their sales cycle shorten, and clients will recommend their work.

  3. Bypass Real-Time Marketing
  4. Agencies that want to keep their clients have to reinforce their value, beyond basic work requirements. You want to take advantage of opportunities to drive results as they happen, and real-time marketing is a great opportunity in today’s digital world. Future agencies pay attention to what’s happening on the web concerning their clients. They find ways to capitalize on it.

  5. Forgetting Technical SEO
  6. There are two parts of SEO. There is the practice of making sure that a website is fundamentally sound so search engines group a website’s various pages and displays them using on-site optimization. Then, there is the practice of making sure that on-page content is current, which allows search engines to use off-site optimization.

    While a lot of inbound links may help a site rank higher is search engines, the resulting traffic will not be beneficial if the website does not turn visitors into customers. Marketing agencies must address both sides of the SEO to greatly impact clients. If your agency does not offer technical SEO services, let your clients know up front.

  7. Not Using Cloud-Based Infrastructure
  8. Marketing moves fast. A marketer’s ability to reach consumers and get results depends on their speed and agility. Managing your files and ideas in the cloud is a great way to help your team get their work done regardless of their location. Not using tools like file sharing or note taking to manage work slows down production. The client ends up paying for the mistakes with added billed hours.

  9. Not Investing in Client Education and Training
  10. Many agencies feel that educating clients may result in secrets being revealed. This is a mistake. The more that clients understand your inbound marketing methods that you give away, the more likely clients will be able to appreciate your marketing services.You can keep your clients educated on the new changes on the digital marketing landscape. If you educate your clients, they can trust you.

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