5 Common Repairs for Poor Website TrafficYou have created a fantastic website that’s user friendly and your customers love it. You have a blog that is update several times a week. The money for paid advertising has been put up. The site is actively monitored. In short you have done everything by the book. Your marketing efforts should be applauded by all. There’s just one problem … you are not getting any traffic.

People love your store and your brand. Customers come from all around to the actual store. Things are just great. Online, well not so great. You begin to think maybe the Internet is just not the place for you. Stop! Don’t give up. Your goal is to reach people through your website. If they don’t come to your website they surely can’t buy anything from you.

There is a reason you are not getting traffic. With a few adjustments that can be corrected and you can be on your way to increased traffic, and sales.

5 Common Reasons Online Traffic is Missing

  1. Reaching The Wrong Crowd
  2. You are blogging away. But are you really reaching the right customers. Maybe your keywords are not being used to the best advantage. Before you write a blog check out some relevant keywords. Use them in your blog title and also in the blog a few times. This will bring targeted viewers to your site.

  3. Are You Too Shy?
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share your story, your blogs, your promotions. Don’t worry about being to pushy or sales-oriented. If you have something valuable to say people will listen to you and share it.

  5. Have You Lost Your Voice?
  6. Don’t be too commercial. Try to be as personal and conversational as you can be. People need to like you. This will make you stand out from your competitors. Be a human being and not just another company.

  7. Poor Pay-Per-Click Ads
  8. Maybe your ads are reaching the right people but  they might not be compelled to click your ads. Give them a reason to click through the ads. Also, streamline your copy. Maybe it’s just that the information in your ads is not convincing potential customers to do business with you. Maybe you are writing too much. Don’t let your message get lost in the text.

  9. Your Competition Might be Doing it Better Than You
  10. Have you checked out your competition lately? Do you know what they are doing to make their business better? Your competitors might be having promotions and other marketing programs that you don’t even know about. You don’t have to copy them but after studying what they are doing you might be able to come up with better ideas than they have.

Make Some Changes and Reap the Benefits

If your website is not getting the traffic and you think it should be getting there’s probably a pretty good reason for that. Take some time to asses what you are doing, or not doing. With a few simple corrections and some tweaks to your online marketing campaign you will soon be on the road to seeing the kind of traffic, and business, that you have worked for.

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