5 Techniques For Creating Effective Call-to-Action CopyThere are hundreds of writing styles for effective copy however a call-to-action (CTA) style is an effective way to produce results or conversions.  Call-to-action goes beyond persuasive style by giving a results oriented action.  An effective CTA will convince the reader why, how and/or what they will get in return for complying with your request.  This is exactly what copy is meant to do so how do you go about creating an effective CTA?

  1. Action Words: You must denote exactly what you want the reader to do.  You must use concise action words to direct their actions.  Examples would include; click, discover, learn, download, and examine.  These direct words will tell them exactly what they should do.  However first you must convince them why.
  2.  Be Persuasive: Before you give your CTA action words, you must effectively persuade the reader why they should follow your direction.  This is simple persuasive writing which may include a cliff hangar type situation which drives the reader to finalize the direction in order to receive the remaining information.
  3. Be Concise: You do not want to water down your CTA or it may lose value.  It is best to be clear and to the point so that you do not lose the readers interest or confuse them with too much information at once.  Overwhelming a reader with information may take attention away from your direct action. Taking a direct writing approach with simple easier to understand verbiage is essential to a good CTA.  Avoid overly technical terms or acronyms that may further confuse the reader and again take attention away from your direct action.
  4. Research Your Stats: Keep track of how well your CTA phrases work for your particular industry.  You may learn that certain phrases or action words work better than others.  Certain words like learn more may not generate enough direct action as a phrase such as click here.  Being adaptive to what works best for your company is important in creating successful CTA copy.
  5. Know your Audience: As with any writing or copy it is always important to know your audience.  Every age generation will prefer a different style of writing and each industry may require different voice and tone.  Again being willing to switch around with different styles or phrases may lead you to the perfect matched style for the most effective CTA copy.

Do you have any effective CTA writing tips that we missed?  Share your comments below.

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