5 Ways to Stimulate Reader Engagement for Your BlogHave you spent hours of meticulous planning to design a visually appealing blog with compelling content only to find yourself mired in frustration over the abysmal number of comments you are generating?  Furthermore, how can you be sure that your blog posts are reaching your target audience?  What strategies are other bloggers using to generate comments?

Bloggers focusing on small business should not set forth simply to create content.  The goal is to post interesting and substantial content so as to generate interest in your blog.  You need to address your target audience by posting content that facilitates their demands as well as it does engage their general interests.  The following 5 strategies should help you get started:

5 Ways to Stimulate Reader Engagement for Your Blog

  1. Post an Interview

    You may have a very enthusiastic audience that appreciates every facet of your company.  Although, a different perspective is always appreciated.  Consider interviewing a customer or a successful individual in your industry that can bestow some of his/her wisdom upon your audience.

    Interviews are an excellent means of diversifying the content on your blog as it poses questions and provokes discussion.  Discussions about the demands in your industry and the means by which they can be overcome are sure to plant the seed of user engagement in your blog.

  2. Provide Video Content

    The prospect of writing an engaging blog posting may at times be daunting.  Perhaps you should consider posting the occasional video.  The results of a study conducted by M Booth and Simply Measured indicated that videos are shared 12 times more than text and links combined. Imagine: you could potentially increase interest in you blog 12-fold by posting a video.

    Varying the content of your blog keeps readers engaged. Post video that provide interesting, educational or inspiring content that is consistent with your marketing strategy.  All of your posts should have value; put some thought into the videos you post.

  3. Address Current Events in Your Blog

    Did you hear the latest celebrity gossip or news headline? Perhaps not.  But, you most assuredly will. Furthermore, you can bet that a number of people are talking about it.  Address a current issue that is facing your industry.  Your target audience will most certainly love to share their collective opinion on current events facing the business.

    Do not seek controversy for controversy’s sake.  Provide an interesting and thoughtful point of view so as to offer a unique perspective on a current and controversial issue.

  4. Guest Posts

    Another means by which to provide a fresh perspective is to have a guest author post an article on your blog.  Guest posts can provide you with an opportunity to bolster your content and network with other bloggers.

    Guest posts are also yet another opportunity to diversify your blog’s content.  A fresh perspective from someone outside of your company will provide your readers with a posting that is conducive to a healthy discussion.

  5. Seasonal Topics

    A seasonal post can provide engagement for your blog.  Consider ways that your audience can utilize upcoming events to their advantage and share the details on your blog.  How can your audience take advantage of an upcoming event? Discounts and products related to a seasonal event can also help to stimulate engagement on your blog.

The key to engagement is providing your audience with diverse and interesting content that offers different and useful perspectives in your industry.  Your content should be relevant, current and catered specifically to reach your target audience and keep them engaged.

Do you have any successful techniques or strategies that increased your reader engagement?

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