8 Revealing Human Behavior Principles to Help Convert Leads into CustomersA vital part of marketing is being able to understand the way people think. This covers the “what, why, where, when and how” processes, all of which are very important to the marketing scheme of things.

If you are unfamiliar to the tactics of marketing, one of the most important principles begin with understanding how people operate. This is, practically, the essential part of how marketing stays compelling. By being psychologically in tune with people, content can go from somewhat boring to absolutely tantalizing. This is due to the right audience being there to read and identify with it. If you can understand the principles listed below, and incorporate them into your business marketing strategy, any visitors you have will be converted into leads and then into customers.

The marketing world has numerous psychological concepts that can help with you business strategies. Here are a few of the major ones to help get you started:

  • Liking
    If a person feels positively towards a person or company, chances are that they will interact more or buy something from them. Your brand can be “likeable” but not “nice,” meaning it can be a raunchy or somewhat offensive product to some.
  • Authority
    Many people will obey people who are in positions of authority, thus also trusting them as well. If you can feature authority figures in your business, that will not only increase your audiences’ belief that your product is a trusted brand, but it will increase stability.
  • Reciprocity
    Pay it forward. If someone did you a favor, return the favor down the line. Just a simple act of sincerity will do, like a free raffle. Building community support is a great way to get the foundation every business needs. It could be something a lot smaller like giving your clients a small gift out of the blue. A client always likes to be thought of when they least expect it, no matter how little the gift.
  • Scarcity
    Always try to make your product seem scarce but be careful how you approach this supply and demand concept because people are very receptive these days. Don’t let it seem that there are just a few products left, so your customers should buy now. Rather, let them know that there are a certain number left because so many people have already ordered.
  • Social Proof
    Adopting the actions or beliefs of the people around you can come in handy when trying to build a good consumer base. Follow buttons and social sharing can help with this as people who run across those numbers will seem more likely to share in your good fortune.
  • Verbatim Effect People very rarely remember everything about your service or product. They rather tend to be fuzzy on specifics and just remember general things. Since this is the case, you should try to pack all the information you can into the headline because that is what people remember most.
  • Clustering
    When it comes to short-term memory, people lack a sufficient amount of space. In fact, a normal person can only remember seven things at any given time (plus or minus a couple). Since this is the case, people will try to clump things together so they will better remember things.
  • Recency Illusion
    Ever heard a unique name and then started hearing it everywhere? This is recency illusion and it’s a brilliant marketing technique. During your next marketing campaign, you should aim and developing an integrated and robust piece of content that reinforce the message you are trying to send.

Have you seen success applying any of the principles above? Share your comments below.

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