No Silver Bullet to Marketing OnlineHave you ever wondered how companies, even the most mundane ones (think cleaning products), manage to dominate the internet sphere? Do you wonder how some of the most obscure websites, organizations, and efforts find a place in the digital world? There’s no doubt they did too – but they figured it out, and guaranteed, you can too.

Internet marketing takes time, patience, and strategy. It is not an overnight effort, and finding success is actually more akin to successfully merging onto a busy, high-traffic freeway from a short on-ramp. There are no shortcuts when it comes to creating sustainable and winning internet marketing campaigns. Knowing this, you are already way above the rest of those trying to break into the field.

Four Components to Successful Internet Marketing

  1. Relationships:
  2. Developing and maintaining strong relationships with your target audience is of the utmost importance. It is far more efficient and profitable to see return traffic and visitors over the efforts needed to continually look for, convince, and bring in new clients. A loyal audience base can become an internet marketing army for you and can help organically disseminate information and draw in friends of their own.

  3. Strong Copy:
  4. Creating well-written, compelling marketing copy is integral to selling your product or company. No matter how amazing an internet marketing campaign you set-up, poor, uninteresting, or less-than-engaging writing will result in your marketing efforts being all for naught. Remember to draw-in readers with eye-catching headlines!

  5. Marketing Business or Organization Content:
  6. Constantly providing great content is the core component of internet marketing. Similar to what is detailed in point 2, a quality deliverable is necessary to drive a strong marketing campaign.

  7. Quality Deliverables & Competitive Edge:
  8. The internet has made it easy for everyone to become a business owner without the need for a storefront. From handmade crafts, to freelancing services, to products or digital downloads, the internet is more awash with goods than it has ever been. So what does that mean to you? It means whatever you are selling has to be worth the cost to you and the price to your customer. It has to standout from the rest of the digital storefronts by being a quality deliverable.

These four points combined are what make a successful internet marketing campaign. Without a good product, all the amazing marketing in the world can’t help; but without strategic promotion, even the best product will be lost among the sea of digitally found goods.

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