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Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr: Learn the Language

For many years, small business owners have been using social media platforms to generate leads, but social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are still very informal, and as often as they are promoted as platforms through which to conduct successful advertising campaigns, it will be awhile yet before the science of informal social media […]

Three Strategies that Google’s Penguin 2.0 Rewards

Look out, web content creators! Has your content marketing strategy taken into account Google’s update  to its Penguin algorithm. If you have seen a decrease in search engine ranking over the past several months, your might consider reexamining your online marketing techniques. The latest algorithm is designed to reduce the ranking of sites that employ […]

Four Key Benefits Of Employing Videos In B2B Marketing

Online videos are integral for businesses that want to capture as much attention as possible from prospective customers with their web marketing campaigns. A study by Invodo reported that close to 60% of buyers said that watching a product video made them more confident in their purchasing decision and less likely to return something that […]

Do You Make These 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

Do businesses still do email marketing campaigns in the age of Facebook?  You bet!  There is no reason to ditch your email marketing campaigns for social media marketing.  According to some research, email marketing often does 7.18 percent better than social media campaigns.  However, in order to have a successful campaign, you need to avoid […]