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10 Crucial Landing Page Elements for Success

If your landing page is not performing as well as you would like, the problem may be in the design. A well-designed, streamlined landing page and opt-in form will increase customer interest and overall sales. Landing pages allow business to guide prospects to highly targeted areas of your website where lead-generation is more effective.

How to Create the Most Shareable Tweet

Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites for business owners and professionals in the last few years. It allows you and your customers to connect instantly. You can easily see what people are saying about you and your business with a simple search.

Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales and Customers

Content is one of the most important concepts to understand for a business that wants to make income. While there is much discussion and debate about content amongst bloggers and marketing gurus, not everyone is mentioning how to create email marketing content that will lead directly to revenue generation. Cluster sharing, or the concept of […]

PageLadder HubSpot Culture Code Feature

At about slide 28 of this slideshare I began to think about what a great curated blog post it would make for the PageLadder blog. It was at slide 34 that I +New posted in wordpress to create the following feature about The HubSpot Culture Code. We recently published a public beta of the HubSpot […]

Stale Website Content is as Appealing as Stale Bread

Have you recently read a blog post and realized halfway through that it was written five years ago? There is nothing more frustrating than stale content for a consumer or business owner researching a topic. Industries and trends change so quickly that the five minutes you just spent reading those few paragraphs were completely wasted. […]