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How to Get Into Google’s News Feed

Google has become an aggregator of news from various media sources. When you go to their website and click “news” you can access the latest articles on almost any topic imaginable. Most of the articles with high rankings come from large media outlets such as USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times, other major market […]

Six Simple Steps for Using Social Media Content in Your Emails

That’s a good-looking Facebook button you’ve included on your email communications. Is anyone actually clicking it? How about the “Follow us on Twitter” prompt? Can your marketing team tell you for certain that you’re getting any kind of quality traffic from that addition? These are questions that should make content marketers pause. Just adding the […]

5 Ways to Stimulate Reader Engagement for Your Blog

Have you spent hours of meticulous planning to design a visually appealing blog with compelling content only to find yourself mired in frustration over the abysmal number of comments you are generating?  Furthermore, how can you be sure that your blog posts are reaching your target audience?  What strategies are other bloggers using to generate […]

Does Social Media Have You Stumped? Look at the Clock!

With much focus being directed at commercial social media marketing, your business, like many others, probably operates a profile on one or more of the major social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. But like all marketing fads, some users of a particular strategy are highly successful, and many are not. You may be on the not-so-successful […]

Top 2 Reasons A Professional Web Design Matters

Web design can be a key part of your business.  You may be scared of web design because of its complex talk and codes.  However these codes can mean a lot to your business.  Just having pretty pictures and visuals on your website is not enough the behind the scenes is really the important piece.

Capture Your Online Market with Great Content

Many businesses are shifting from outbound to inbound marketing. With inbound marketing, you must have a web presence to market your products and services effectively. Internet marketing does not stop just at having a website; you must develop great content for the website. The content is what you will use to market your brand-simply termed […]