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The Best Way to Handle a Bad Online Review

In the age of online reviews swaying consumer choices, it’s important for businesses to deal with negative reviews in a way that doesn’t add more flames to the fire. Your business can spiral downward if you try to fight fire with fire or respond to negative reviews defensively. Filing lawsuits against reviewers for making false […]

How To Attract Favorable Online Reviews

In the digital age that we live in, having positive reviews on the web is important for businesses that want to improve their inbound marketing and drive up their sales. Myles Anderson reported on Search Engine Land that 72% of consumers surveyed in the Local Consumer Review Survey of 2012 reported trusting reviews that they […]

Managing Negative Online Reviews

For a long time companies have been using the feedback that they get from customers to address issues involving product design and product directions. You can go above and beyond what the customer asks for by keeping up to date with changes that the using community want. Unsatisfied customers can become lifetime clients while you […]

How To Build a Trustworthy Reviews Page

Online customer reviews are becoming the new standard for measuring the credibility of a brand or business. No longer do the masses just go along with whatever marketers tell them about a product. As consumer budgets get tighter, purchasing decisions are coming down to the pros and cons voiced by actual buyers. This phenomenon is […]

10 Quick Tips to Harness the Power of Long-Tail Keywords

If you have ever attempted to market a new business venture or product using a brand new website, you have likely found yourself struggling to achieve a sufficient rank for competitive keyword. While you should never lose your resolve, you can in the meantime target less competitive but more specific long-tail keywords. These keywords are […]