Balancing Quantity and Quality in Content MarketingContent marketing is such a new realm to the internet that it divides web owners into various camps. Even though the concept has been around for decades, content marketing has surged in importance in recent years among web owners partly because it’s one of those buzz terms that has gone viral. More importantly, though, this adventurous approach to marketing is about layers of knowledge and trust. While most of us have learned not to trust everything we read, web owners and bloggers still have a lot to learn about building knowledgeable blogs that followers trust.

Finding Bloggers Who Care

The brick walls that bloggers run into involve how to expand knowledge that isn’t duplicated on other sites and how to keep followers interested without jamming them with fluff. Much of the advice harnessed by bloggers, whether they are outsourced or write for themselves, revolves around the idea of developing several paragraphs around keywords. Ultimately, conscious bloggers must question themselves if they are just playing games with search engines or actually trying to convey useful information. Outsourced bloggers, however, usually are not paid to be conscious of anything except keeping content flowing that connects with keywords.

The key to successful blogs is not figuring out how much quantity qualifies as a legit blog, but to find a balance between quality and quantity. Quality is important to hold the attention of the user. Quantity is important to search engines, as long as this quantity encompasses quality. A blog is not just words that take up space on a website. If it’s not useful information, it almost carries the same weight as web pages full of links that go nowhere.

If you want to outsource bloggers you will need to remind yourself constantly that it’s not a throwaway job or something you can just delegate to unknown bloggers who are not familiar with your themes. It’s not just an expense to fill up a website with content spiced with keywords. Blogging actually is a waste if you treat it superficially. The most important concept to remember about blogging is that whoever writes the blog must care about your website, your audience and your subject matter. If the blogger lacks interest in any of those things then quantity becomes irrelevant.

Quantity of Quality Matters

The problem with paying for blogs that fall short of expectations stems from the fact that many website owners do not squeeze in enough time to understand the power of blogging. Since many owners do not have time to write their own blogs, they outsource to keep up with the trend of blogging without considering what it’s really all about. Blogging is about capturing people’s attention with storytelling. The blogger needs to have a definitive voice that is consistent from blog to blog. This familiar voice is what keeps people interested.

But if you use several different bloggers that each have different voices, it’s very difficult to develop a level of consistency. That’s why you need to consider hiring the same quality bloggers over and over instead of experimenting with lots of different writers. The blogger needs to present a persona that gives users the feeling they know the blogger personally. Otherwise, the content can be very dry.

The last thing you want is a long blog that just babbles to meet a certain word count. But you also don’t want short blogs that only uncover proven cold scientific facts. Ideally, you want blogs that tap into people’s imagination while feeding their minds with new information. Since both creativity and knowledge matter, try to hire bloggers who understand this mix.

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