Blogger Outreach vs Traditional AdvertisingA long time ago things such as television commercials, radio, magazine advertisements and other traditional methods were the way to go when it came to advertising and reaching new customers.  The times have changed and so have consumers.  Consumers now prefer to go by word of mouth and what others in their social network have to say about your brand and product.

Bloggers are one of the main influencers in today’s world of marketing.  Bloggers who have a loyal audience that trust them and listen to what they say are the strongest influencers you can have on your side. Targeting these bloggers is a great way to get your product and company out to consumers. It is also one of the best ways to have consumers build trust in your brand.

Audience is Key

When looking at which bloggers to use as influencers there are a few things you should take into consideration:

  • Are the blogs audience a good fit for your brand?
  • Do the bloggers post match up with what your brand/product  is all about?
  • Does it seem that the blogger is influential with their own target group?

These three things are the three keys to building a successful relationship between your brand and an influencer.

Do not use stats as your main decision maker when it comes to a blogger.  A blogger may have thousands of followers but may not be the perfect fit for your company.

Create an Ideal Influencer Profile

Main Genre:

Each blogger will have one main genre they blog about.  Decide which genre your product fits in to before searching for influencers.

Additional Genres:

You will usually find that a blogger has a few genres aside from there main one.  Come up with three additional niches your product can fit in to.


Choose three topics within your genre for example:  green cleaning, healthy living, tips on living green.  This will help when searching through a bloggers posts.

Use of Social Media:

If your campaign is driven by visual or brand messaging you will need to consider which social channels are important.  Look for bloggers that use the right social media channels to get your campaign seen by consumers.

Finding that Perfect Brand Influencer

  • Find those consumers that love your brand and what your company does.  Maybe you already know who these consumers are by their constant positive comments regarding your brands or products.  Give them rewards to keep them talking positively.
  • Use Google blog search it is a free tool that may help you find bloggers that fit into your genres.
  • Read through blogs and if necessary investigate the bloggers stats.  Use their posts and stats to decide if they will be a good influencer for your business.
  • Create a list including their stats and contact details.  You may also want to make notes on what makes each blogger unique.

Once you have a list of bloggers that fit into your ideal perfect influencer profile, it is time to start contacting these bloggers.

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