A Team Approach To Blogging: Keep Your Audience EngagedBlogging is a key component of every successful marketing campaign, and when employed properly, with enough frequency and consistency, it can prove to be a very valuable asset. Unfortunately, things come up. You may lose bloggers unexpectedly, or need to launch a new website to hit your marketing goals. When this happens, you may not be able to produce enough content to meet those goals without a helping hand. To this extent, blogging really needs to be a team effort.

Invite Your Influencers to Blog

  • The first step is inviting your employees to blog on behalf of your company. A company-wide e-mail ensures that no one is left out, as you’ll want to include your sales team, your marketing team, and customer service representatives in the field.
  • If you feel the need, send separate e-mails to your influencers, staff members or followers in your social media network, who communicate your content to your consumers with an outstanding redistribution rate.
  • Don’t be afraid to offer monetary compensation for your staff members in exchange for more posts, as they are important to continued consumer relations. To reach your network influencers should an e-mail fail to convey the importance of their continued contributions, find a way to incorporate their handles into a post. This makes them feel important, and gives them a reason to keep posting.

Keep Them Informed

  • In reaching out to your influencers, it is important to include what you are looking for. This ensures that each blogger has a full understanding of the topics that you want covered. That way, your editors can spend more time picking over posts for spelling and grammar than textual relevance.
  • It’s always a good idea to include posts which have been successful in the past as an example, but avoid asking your influencers to adhere to the template directly. Keep an open mind about what your influencers post, as they may have a better understanding of what your consumers want to see. Give them free agency in their redistribution media, as some may wish to include pictures and videos.
  • Keep your editors informed as well, and give them the authority to reject pieces based on your standards. As no two contributors are alike, no two posts will be alike, but as long as everyone knows what to post, and has the freedom to post it in different ways, you shouldn’t have a problem keeping your target audience engaged.

Have you had success with leveraging help from your employees to build you blog and content marketing strategy?  Share your experiences below.

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