Measure Twice, Cut Once: Web Analytics With Both Hubspot and Google AnalyticsYour business has embraced inbound marketing. You are blogging, tweeting and optimizing your site for the search engines. The traffic is pouring into your site. Sales are going up. But your work is not done. In order to stay ahead of the game and keep your competitive edge, it is important to be able to constantly measure the effects of what you are doing in your marketing. These analytics help you to focus on what is working and what needs to change.
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4 Crucial Components to Forecasting Your Organic Traffic

Organic traffic in web traffic is basically all the traffic that you get from unpaid for listing at search engines and directories. This kind of traffic can be created by including your website or blog onto directories, search engines, guides and award sites. Though hard to gather, it forms one of the easiest ways of getting easy traffic to your site without having to do any real time investments.

By forecasting your organic traffic, you have the option of making informed decisions, having better goals to work with, overall team efficiency improvement and the realization of more income per unit time. To ensure that you fully reap of these benefits, there are some things that you must consider in a bid to streamline your organic traffic acquisition campaigns.

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Analyze This

Every site owner knows just how important analytics are to their success. You need to know the basics of how many views you’re getting and whether or not you’re reaching your intended target audience. But what many site owners don’t understand is that while the importance of analytics is undeniable, it’s what you do with that data that matters. At the end of the day, analytics are just a bunch of numbers — it’s what you do with those numbers and how you take this information to make your site and your approach more effective that really matter.
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Analytics are the key to online success


You often hear business owners complaining about their company’s latest marketing results. They typically know the goals they want to achieve with their marketing strategies, but they do not understand why they are not meeting these goals. Perhaps finding a viable solution takes more than analyzing the latest data, but instead requires a more in-depth look at exactly what this data reveals.

“Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it” – Edmund Burke

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The Marketing Analytics Game:

Many firms have hopped on the web analytics bandwagon, but sometimes, marketing firms need very specific data in order to see the true power and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Web analytics, while useful, aren’t as helpful as they should be when looking at marketing information.

There is a significant difference between marketing analytics and web analytics. The bottom line is web analytics look at what matters to a webmaster, such as page load times, page views per visit, and so forth. Marketing analytics, like those provided by PageLadder Inc., examines business-specific metrics, such as sales, leads and what events influence leads to become customers. Marketing analytics come from sources like email, websites, social media and anything that happens offline with your business. Marketing is also people-centric, where web analytics focuses on the page view.
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