Conversion Assists: Get the Most From Your Website’s Most Influential Pages


You may be working hard to get your website ranking high and to reach your target audience. Yet there could be some additional assistance you need that you never thought about before. The concept of really focusing on your most influential pages is important. They can be used as leverage with your target audience to gain them to notice you, to improve conversion rates, and to increase profits.

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10 Crucial Landing Page Elements for Success

10 Crucial Landing Page Elements for SuccessIf your landing page is not performing as well as you would like, the problem may be in the design. A well-designed, streamlined landing page and opt-in form will increase customer interest and overall sales. Landing pages allow business to guide prospects to highly targeted areas of your website where lead-generation is more effective.
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Want to Be Amazing at Creating CTA’s? Here’s 4 Simple Steps How

Want to Be Amazing at Creating CTA's? Here's 4 Simple Steps HowAn effective call-to-action is an important part of a successful blog post. Whether you are looking to build a large email list, drive more traffic to your blog or sell a product, CTAs are essential for getting your readers to take actions that will help you to achieve these goals. If you are trying to build a list, you want your readers to give you their email. If you are trying to drive traffic, you want your readers to like, share and comment on your post. Writing an effective CTA is an art. If your CTAs are clumsy and awkward, readers may be turned off. Graceful CTA’s offer your readers something that makes them happy to take the desired action. Here are some tips for writing graceful CTAs.
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Want Great Calls-to-Action? Four Mistakes to Avoid

want-great-calls-action-four-mistakes-avoidIf your business has an online presence, then you likely spend a lot of time and effort driving traffic to your site. But it is not enough for visitors to find their way to your site. You want them to do something when they arrive there. Whether it is to sign up for a newsletter, download a report or set up a free consultation, you want your visitors to convert to leads and customers. Having an effective call-to-action is important to accomplish this goal. If you do not let your visitors know what you want them to do and clearly invite them to do it, then they will likely not do anything. Here are four mistakes that you want avoid when designing your CTAs. By avoiding these common errors, the conversion rate of your website will improve dramatically.
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4 Quick Tips for Creating High Quality Landing Pages

7-quick-tips-for-creating-highly-effective-la7 Quick Tips for Creating Highly Effective Landing Pagesnding-pagesA landing page can be defined simply as a web site that is made to persuade a user to perform a specific action, such as sign up for a mailing list or buy a particular product. Landing pages are an integral aspect of web design for a business that wants to be sure that its web presence is as effective as possible. The quality of a landing page is measured by its CRO, or conversion rate optimization. While some companies have a home page serving as their landing page, this can often lead to confusion amongst visitors and cause a business to lose a potential sale. There are a few things that marketing experts suggest businesses do so that they can increase their CRO, which will correspondingly drive up the ROI of their web presence.
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5 Techniques For Creating Effective Call-to-Action Copy

5 Techniques For Creating Effective Call-to-Action CopyThere are hundreds of writing styles for effective copy however a call-to-action (CTA) style is an effective way to produce results or conversions.  Call-to-action goes beyond persuasive style by giving a results oriented action.  An effective CTA will convince the reader why, how and/or what they will get in return for complying with your request.  This is exactly what copy is meant to do so how do you go about creating an effective CTA?
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3 Elements Every Landing Page Needs

3 Elements Every Landing Page NeedsA landing page is basically where people are going to land due to a direct advertising campaign, promotional sign ups or another form of lead generation.  This is not necessarily your homepage, you usually want to create a separate page so that potential customers don’t get lost in all that homepages usually possess.  Having a page that is easy to navigate, has a clean feel and lets potential customer know what you want them to know. There are many things a great landing page should have, to be successful.
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Analytics vs. Insights: Going Deeper Than The Numbers

Analyze This

Every site owner knows just how important analytics are to their success. You need to know the basics of how many views you’re getting and whether or not you’re reaching your intended target audience. But what many site owners don’t understand is that while the importance of analytics is undeniable, it’s what you do with that data that matters. At the end of the day, analytics are just a bunch of numbers — it’s what you do with those numbers and how you take this information to make your site and your approach more effective that really matter.
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Getting Found is Only The Beginning, Here's What's Next

Getting Found is only the Beginning, Here's What's NextSavvy internet marketers often know the right steps to increase their online presence – a killer blog, search-optimized content, and an active and informative social media presence all work together to create quality inbound traffic. But what many marketers neglect is the second half of the process. Once you’ve generated these leads, how do you adapt yourself and your marketing attempts to their needs?
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