How to Choose the Best CTA for Each Blog Post

Increasing the conversion rate of visitors to your business blog is all about the effectiveness of the calls-to-action (CTAs) on every published blog post.

The selected CTA can make or break the conversion rate of any given blog post. Here’s how PageLadder decides which CTA best fits each blog post published. Feel free to adapt our process to fit your particular business or industry.

Process for Selecting a Blog Post CTA

Start with a list of all marketing offers. This list will be whittled down following the below steps to pick the best one for a specific blog post.
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10 Ways to Create Landing Pages that Convert

11 Simple (But Critical) Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages
Effective landing pages are a boon to online marketers. Unlike regular web pages, they’re designed to capture leads at a much higher rate. Designing landing pages that convert, however, is a tough job. Here’s why we’re putting together 11 unmissable tips to create one.

1) Basics of an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages that convert visitors into willing buyers have the following key elements:

  • A headline and a sub-headline (when necessary)
  • A brief product description that highlights the value of your offer
  • At least one visual element that supports the text
  • A contact form for acquiring visitors’ information, especially email addresses

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