Thank Your Way to a Successful Marketing Strategy

Thank-Your-Way-to-a-Successful-Marketing-StrategyIn a fast paced electronic world swept with facts and figures, there is still something profound about seeing your own name in positive correspondence. Getting a “thank you” email humanizes the interaction between the client and the company. On top of that, it’s a proven fact that using your name is the fastest and most effective way to getting your attention.  Here is one way that good manners can actually make the company some money. When saying “thank you”, the company immediately identify itself as being reputable as well as approachable.
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Do You Make These 5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

Do-You-Make-These-5-Common-Email-Marketing-MistakesDo businesses still do email marketing campaigns in the age of Facebook?  You bet!  There is no reason to ditch your email marketing campaigns for social media marketing.  According to some research, email marketing often does 7.18 percent better than social media campaigns.  However, in order to have a successful campaign, you need to avoid the five big reasons why email marking campaigns fail.
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The 3 Part Recipe for Better Mobile Email Marketing

The 3 Part Recipe for Better Mobile Email MarketingThere was a time when you could send out a mass marketing email and you could be pretty certain that is would be read on a computer with a large screen, either a desktop or a laptop. You had a lot of space to play around with and you could get pretty creative with the look of your message. Some marketers basically sent full web pages to prospects and customers alike.
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Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales and Customers

Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales and CustomersContent is one of the most important concepts to understand for a business that wants to make income. While there is much discussion and debate about content amongst bloggers and marketing gurus, not everyone is mentioning how to create email marketing content that will lead directly to revenue generation. Cluster sharing, or the concept of a page being shared by a small group of close friends instead of a large network of people, is considered to be an important principle of earning money from content emails. Focus on shaping your marketing content to entice prospects to buy from you.
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Improve Your Clickthrough Rates and Email Marketing Campaign

Improve Your Clickthrough Rates and Email Marketing CampaignWhen many people click through and read your emails, it means you are giving them relevant content, good enough to make them come back for more. High click-through rates make you educate your recipients, nurture them to become qualified leads then hand them over to your sales team to convert to customers. However, if only a few people are clicking through your emails, there must be something wrong with you or your recipients.
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Using Opt-In Contact Lists to Build Your Email Database

Using Opt-In Contact Lists to Build Your Email DatabaseMarketing teams often purchase contact lists in attempt to reach out to the maximum number of possible clients. The problem with this is you could be reaching out to the wrong demographic. While some lists are fairly focused in the types of individuals they contain, others are padded with the names and contact information of people collected by random means. Most companies want to get the most bang for their buck. Purchasing contact lists can be expensive and ineffective compared to opt-in lists that are created by focusing on individuals who have already shown an interest in the company. Read more