6 Practices That Your Marketing Agency Should EliminateThings seem pretty difficult for marketing agencies right now. There are a few agencies that have withstood the cuts to marketing budgets that resulted in many agencies closing their doors. Today, while there are active marketing agencies, many are struggling to cope with a shift taking place in the industry.
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Nurturing Leads A Valuable Inbound Marketing ProcessSo you’ve started your online marketing campaign and you are building a following. You have people following your blog, looking at your Pinterest boards, checking your Facebook page, but no one is buying. Sure, you have lots of interest but how do you get those inbound contacts to step forward and say, “I’m ready to buy!”

The truth is that more than 80 percent of your followers will never buy from you, no matter how effective your demand generation campaigns. They may like your stuff, and love your online content, but they will never become buyers. That doesn’t mean that these followers aren’t valuable. The whole concept of inbound marketing is to generate interest in your social media content so people will become fans and share with their friends. If those 80 percent are sharing your information with their followers, you are building a larger pool of inbound contacts.
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Inbound Marketing Companies are like Tugboat Captains This morning I was sitting on the beach in Maui drinking a cup of coffee watching a huge cruise ship come into port. Even though I’m on vacation I am always thinking about work and how the inbound marketing industry relates to everyday life. I’ve found it helpful for PageLadder clients when we can relate what we do for them to the offline world since a lot of the work my company does for our clients is behind the scenes online.

Today as I watched this huge cruise boat thread the needle between two jetties I noticed it was receiving help and guidance from a tugboat captain. Without that tugboat captain pushing and pointing that large ship in the right direction it could end up in a bad position or perhaps never make it to port at all. Not to mention this area of Maui is known for insanely strong winds a lot of the time making the waters rough and unpredictable, sort of like the first page of google.

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Getting Found is only the Beginning, Here's What's NextSavvy internet marketers often know the right steps to increase their online presence – a killer blog, search-optimized content, and an active and informative social media presence all work together to create quality inbound traffic. But what many marketers neglect is the second half of the process. Once you’ve generated these leads, how do you adapt yourself and your marketing attempts to their needs?
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It’s very hard to convince those in management to switch to inbound marketing, because change is hard. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone willing to change the way your marketing operates.

Here’s a step-by-step method you can use to make the switch:

Blend Inbound and Outbound

Many marketers are merging their inbound and outbound techniques. According to Marketing Charts, 90% of marketers believe using online data to enhance offline marketing is critical. More marketers are becoming comfortable with blending online campaigns with traditional approaches. Ask them about making inbound marketing tactics part of an outbound campaign.
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How to Choose the Best CTA for Each Blog Post

Increasing the conversion rate of visitors to your business blog is all about the effectiveness of the calls-to-action (CTAs) on every published blog post.

The selected CTA can make or break the conversion rate of any given blog post. Here’s how PageLadder decides which CTA best fits each blog post published. Feel free to adapt our process to fit your particular business or industry.

Process for Selecting a Blog Post CTA

Start with a list of all marketing offers. This list will be whittled down following the below steps to pick the best one for a specific blog post.
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The Marketing Analytics Game:

Many firms have hopped on the web analytics bandwagon, but sometimes, marketing firms need very specific data in order to see the true power and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Web analytics, while useful, aren’t as helpful as they should be when looking at marketing information.

There is a significant difference between marketing analytics and web analytics. The bottom line is web analytics look at what matters to a webmaster, such as page load times, page views per visit, and so forth. Marketing analytics, like those provided by PageLadder Inc., examines business-specific metrics, such as sales, leads and what events influence leads to become customers. Marketing analytics come from sources like email, websites, social media and anything that happens offline with your business. Marketing is also people-centric, where web analytics focuses on the page view.
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10 Modern Technologies That Make the Case for Inbound Marketing Companies who rely on older marketing tactics such as radio, television, cold calls, email spam, or direct mail are beginning to see a decrease in success rates of their advertising. This is because customers are blocking out these former methods of contact through various technologies. As customers gain control over how they are contacted, businesses have to change their advertising strategies. Methods like social media, blogs, and email that are permission-based are still showing potential to reach potential clients. These methods are less intrusive and are more likely to generate a sales call than the methods that were used before.
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