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What is the ROI of Soliciting Positive Local Business Reviews?

What-Is-The-ROI-Of-Soliciting-Positive-Local-Business-ReviewsAs a local business owner, you have probably begun to rely upon the Internet as a way of generating more visitors to your websites, interest in your products and services, and sales. You may even have come to the point where your business lives and dies by mentions and positive reviews on local directories and other sites where you potential customers might look for a business just like yours. For example, one local account said that her business tripled after some positive reviews on Angie’s List. You just cannot buy advertising like that, but you may be able to ask for it.
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How To Publish Testimonials Online – Featured Post

We are proud to have an online course 10 Steps to Get Your Local Business Found Online by our COO and co-founder, Raleigh Leslie recently featured by Udemy.

Part of the course focuses on the technical step of Schema Mark-up Testimonials and will give you some insight on how you can leverage Schema Mark-up to have search engines better recognize your on-page testimonials and attribute them to your business. There is new HTML code that puts content like testimonials into a format search engine crawlers can digest giving your business ownership of the content on your site, which specifically applies to testimonials.

Check out the course here.

Check out this overview video for this section of the course on Reviews and Testimonials for your local business and get an idea of all the awesome insight Raleigh offers in the online course. Save time and money while avoiding critical mistakes, with this online course that lays out a road map to getting your business found online.

The Best Way to Handle a Bad Online Review

The Best Way to Handle a Bad Online ReviewIn the age of online reviews swaying consumer choices, it’s important for businesses to deal with negative reviews in a way that doesn’t add more flames to the fire. Your business can spiral downward if you try to fight fire with fire or respond to negative reviews defensively. Filing lawsuits against reviewers for making false claims simply calls more attention to negativity that reaches a wider audience, since the press likes to cover heated legal disputes. A better strategy is to water down heated reviews with soft comments.
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How To Attract Favorable Online Reviews

How To Attract Favorable Online ReviewsIn the digital age that we live in, having positive reviews on the web is important for businesses that want to improve their inbound marketing and drive up their sales. Myles Anderson reported on Search Engine Land that 72% of consumers surveyed in the Local Consumer Review Survey of 2012 reported trusting reviews that they read online just as much as personal recommendations. The same study indicated that 52% of consumers said that positive online reviews would increase the likelihood that they would patronize a local business. Today’s customers place strong value on confirmation from peers that products can meet their needs or solve problems. As a result, businesses today need to be actively encouraging positive feedback from existing customers. This can be accomplished in several ways.
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Managing Negative Online Reviews

Learning to Love Negative ReviewsFor a long time companies have been using the feedback that they get from customers to address issues involving product design and product directions. You can go above and beyond what the customer asks for by keeping up to date with changes that the using community want. Unsatisfied customers can become lifetime clients while you make your product better.
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Quick Tips to Get More Customer Reviews Online

Quick Tips to Get More Customer Reviews OnlineNeed More Online Customer Reviews? Make it Happen!

Consumers are very particular about spending their money online. With the difficult economic times, they want to know they can trust the entity they buy from. They trust the words of other consumers who have already made such a purchase. That is why you need to have plenty of online customer reviews that talk about a positive experience. Such information will certainly entice potential customers to buy from you!
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How To Build a Trustworthy Reviews Page

How To Build a Trustworthy Reviews PageOnline customer reviews are becoming the new standard for measuring the credibility of a brand or business. No longer do the masses just go along with whatever marketers tell them about a product. As consumer budgets get tighter, purchasing decisions are coming down to the pros and cons voiced by actual buyers. This phenomenon is part of a consumer revolution spearheaded by the internet. Business owners who want to succeed in this new economy need to manage online reviews carefully.
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The Ultimate Guide to Non-Awkward Effective Networking

Non-Awkward Effective NetworkingWell, it turns out that it’s been proven that many jobs are found through personal relationships. It also turns out that online social networking can help with this turn of events, so it is also important to develop good social networks through the web. If it feels awkward, there are things you can do to make things go better for you—here are some tips to help you get going in your pursuit of non-awkward effective networking approaches to online relationships.
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