This category of posts will be all about social media marketing including facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest and all the latest platforms.

Be Human on Social MediaThe best kind of customer loyalty is when the customer thinks of your company as a friend, not just a service provider. Social media has enabled brands to build that kind of customer loyalty in ways marketing professionals could only dream about a decade ago. You can do the same, if you use social media the right way. Here’s how to use social media to give your brand a more “human” feel.
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Vine for Marketing BusinessHave you heard of Vine? Newly released on January 24, this little app lets you create and then share short videos that “loop,” on either your iPod Touch or iPhone – and an Android app is on the way. All you have to do with Vine is “point and shoot,” and presto! You’ve got a little clip of action and sound, a short video, up to six seconds long. That is something that can be a powerhouse marketing tool. What are the do’s and don’ts of using Vine for marketing?
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Social Media 2012 Election
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, whether you watched the inauguration on television or skipped it entirely, there’s plenty of cutting-edge social media knowledge to be gained from looking at how the White House’s social media staff communicated with over 1.6 million followers during the recent presidential inauguration. While exact replication of this approach may not be feasible for small to medium businesses due to the investment of time and manpower required, adopting some of the techniques on a smaller scale may work well to capture the attention of viewers and social media users in a unique and exciting way. Read more

Facebook Graph SearchFacebook has recently announced a new product they’re calling Graph Search. The tool will enable users to “map out their relationships with the people and things they care about.” Continuing Facebook’s stated goal of connecting the world, this new function will help users connect to things that are most relevant to them.

Here is an overview to help you get a jump start on this latest technology:
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Engage your audience with Social MediaWith so much focus on building effective social media strategy, the idea of actually being social is getting lost. It is essential that your strategy focuses on “being” social rather than “doing” social media. Potential clients and customers will notice a difference in a company that works at engaging them over simply providing content.

The process of building an effective social media strategy can be broken down into eight fundamental steps:
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Insta-results with Instagram

Instagram, the insanely popular photo sharing app, released on January 16 some radical changes to their Terms of Service that shocked the majority of their users. If you haven’t been keeping tabs on the latest updates in the social media industry, then you’re missing out on a lot of things that can potentially affect the way you share pictures on the app.
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Pinterest For Business: by PageLadder

How a Hot New Social Network Has Become a Heavy Hitting Marketing Tool for Brands (And How You Can Use It to Win New Customers)

Learn how and why Pinterest has become a new force in the social media marketing world and how companies can use it to grow their business.
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