The Real Benefits of SEO: 3 Vital Local Keyword Research TipsIn the ongoing competition for page rank on today’s largest search engines, it is possible for a small business to compete on a limited budget? Competing with big businesses can be accomplished on a budget; that is, if you know which SEO strategies to employ. When creating an effective SEO strategy, one of the most critical considerations is keyword selection. Choosing targeted, localized, and relevant keywords are key to a business’s online marketing success.

As you begin to build your localized keyword search strategy, consider the following 3 research tips:

  1. Keyword Brainstorming-

    Before locating and reviewing keyword statistical data, spend time whiteboarding possible keywords and keyword phrases that a consumer may utilize when searching for your business’s products and services. Place yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer; sit down at your computer and start typing search terms. Next, review your website’s analytics over the past several months. What keywords and keyword phrases have been yielding the most traffic for your site?

  2. Identifying Target Keywords-

    Now that you have generated a list of possible target keywords, it is time to narrow down your selections to those worth investing into. How can you accomplish this task? Well, you could utilize paid platforms such as Hubspot, or if you are on a limited marketing budget, you can utilize free resources such as Google’s keyword tool. Research each of the keyword phrases that you have identified, looking for the number of local monthly searches. Choose keyword and keyword phrases that yield over 100, but fewer than 1500 local monthly searches as beyond this search figure is often significant competition.

  3. Finalize Target Keywords-

    Which keywords are utilized by consumers for information gathering purposes and which are used during the buying process? Is there a difference? Review statistical data on both the singular and plural versions of your targeted keyword phrases. Search each identified keyword phrase to ascertain how many companies you will be competing against. Also, review your current search engine results page (SERP) rank. Higher rankings place you in a more competitive environment for keywords than lower rankings. Choose keyword phrases likely to yield results in a less competitive space when starting out with a limited marketing budget.

While competing in the realm of SEO initially on a budget may require more legwork on your behalf, it can be accomplished. Over time, as you collect results to evaluate, modify your SEO keyword campaign to include those producing result and limiting or eliminating those that do not. After repetitive trial and error, you will find the niche keywords that will yield the type of website traffic and conversion results you are after.

Do you have a keyword research tool or tip that worked for your business? Share your comments below.

At about slide 28 of this slideshare I began to think about what a great curated blog post it would make for the PageLadder blog. It was at slide 34 that I +New posted in wordpress to create the following feature about The HubSpot Culture Code.

We recently published a public beta of the HubSpot Culture Code slide deck. This deck started out as an internal document years ago, and as a company who values transparency (and inbound marketing), we decided to share it with the community. –Dharmesh Shah

Make sure you check out the above linked blog post for comments by Dharmesh Shah and a top 11 highlight list.

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