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Four Key Benefits Of Employing Videos In B2B Marketing

Four Key Benefits Of Employing Videos In B2B Marketing Online videos are integral for businesses that want to capture as much attention as possible from prospective customers with their web marketing campaigns. A study by Invodo reported that close to 60% of buyers said that watching a product video made them more confident in their purchasing decision and less likely to return something that they bought. Some business owners may feel challenged by the task of creating compelling videos, but even without immense video making skills or experience there are several concepts that make video marketing an important tool for B2B marketing efforts.

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Video is No Longer an Option, It's Go**amn Mandatory

Attendees to the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit were given a strong introduction to the proceedings with a video from Bonfire Labs, which declared that, “Video Is Mandatory.” Here’s a look at the video, and once you’ve seen it…is video mandatory?

-video by Bonfire Labs

Is video “mandatory?” In today’s social age it’s not just the creation of video that becomes mandatory it’s recognizing the user centered preferences of the viewer. Social media has revolutionized online users so that they now feel like they should be a part of everything, want instant updates from everyone in their life, and expect alot of feedback on everything they say and do. As a result, video is no longer about just the short clip you put together but the social conversation and user engagement around the video. These types of users are the ones your online online video should target, create your video content with them in mind and you should find easy success.

5 Easy Ways to Market Your Small Business with YouTube

5 Easy Ways to Market Your Small Business with YouTubeYouTube is an important marketing platform for modern businesses. It enjoys a large fan base of over a billion users in a month and thus, it is an important platform to build your brand. The importance of YouTube as a marketing platform can only be stressed by the number of channel partners with a presence on its platform. In most occasions, small businesses keep away from YouTube because they lack videos to share on the platform or lack skills or knowledge of how to integrate YouTube with the already existing marketing strategy. Leveraging YouTube with the business marketing strategy may seem like a difficult task but once you understand the secrets of YouTube marketing, it is one of the easiest, cheapest and effective online marketing strategies.
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YouTube As Part of Your Marketing Plan

YouTube As Part of Your Marketing PlanMany businesses struggle in deciding if YouTube should be part of their social marketing plan. The answer is different for every company but if it is done the right way, a YouTube channel can help your business. One thing to remember is that people go to YouTube for one reason and that is to watch videos. They rarely stumble across a video. They have searched for a specific topic or arrived there through a link to get the video they want. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine so you want them to search for your videos.
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Inbound Marketing's Essential Homepage Video

Inbound Marketing's Essential Homepage VideoMarketing your brand with a webpage is one of the best things you can ever do in bid to boost on sales. To maximize on this wise venture, you however have to ensure that the homepage displays as much information as possible without necessarily cluttering it. The simplest way to doing this is by keeping content to the bare minimum or using progressive content, like say video, a slide show or an animation. In this case, however, a homepage video will be more desirable since it will take care of both visual and audio senses making the information delivery more accurate.
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Vine: A New Social Media Marketing Tool

One of the hottest social networks out there right now is Vine, a platform owned by the addictive social network Twitter. However unlike Twitter, which allows users to send out 140-character messages to a public social networking platform, Vine utilizes the popularized use of short online videos–6 seconds, to be exact. These are bite-sized forms of social media marketing, and it’s not just for regular consumers to use anymore. Even businesses are hopping on the Vine social media marketing trend and are seeing stellar results.

What makes Vine a good idea for a business to look into? Here are some things to consider for your own social media marketing strategy and implementing Vine.
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Vine for marketing: What to do and What not to do

Vine for Marketing BusinessHave you heard of Vine? Newly released on January 24, this little app lets you create and then share short videos that “loop,” on either your iPod Touch or iPhone – and an Android app is on the way. All you have to do with Vine is “point and shoot,” and presto! You’ve got a little clip of action and sound, a short video, up to six seconds long. That is something that can be a powerhouse marketing tool. What are the do’s and don’ts of using Vine for marketing?
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Six Means of Mastering Video Marketing

Master Video MarketingVideo marketing may at first glance seem a daunting task, particularly in a culture where people are weaned on expensive commercial television and cinematography with high production value. Marketers may be deterred by anticipated costs. However, if your technical armory consists of nothing more than a laptop and a high def digital camera, you may have all that you need.

There are professional videographers for hire, to be sure. However, a casual survey of YouTube and Vimeo will reveal that anyone with an intentional and artistic eye can produce high quality video. If your average college student with a free afternoon can do it, so can you.
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Top Five Reasons Why You Need Video In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Video Content MarketingContent marketing has become something of a buzzword in the past few years. Ever since Google released their Panda and Penguin updates to their search algorithm, bloggers, webmasters and online marketers have been touting content as the new king of SEO. But good marketers know better- they’ve been dabbling in content marketing for years! Excellent content is sure to attract viewers and links no matter what update Google manages to roll out.

But the definition of “content” here seems to be limited only to text and images. What about video? For some reason, video content seems to be so vastly underrated. What most people don’t know is that video can be a very effective content marketing tool. Here are five reasons why you need to start producing videos for your content marketing strategy right now:
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3 Free Google Keyword Research Tools

“How do I know which keywords my website should rank for the best ROI?”

A question we at PageLadder often get asked by our SEO clients. We often answer “Don’t worry about that we’ll do the research for you and provide you with high ROI keywords for your industry.” Well it’s no secret that Google provides free tools for doing keyword research on your own. This is often necessary when crafting blog posts for your personal or business site. Writing blog posts without doing keyword research is kinda like stepping up the the plate without a bat. SEO should never be an afterthought. Use these 3 free Google keyword research tools to help you get loads of unique organic traffic and dominate your competition.
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