You may be working hard to get your website ranking high and to reach your target audience. Yet there could be some additional assistance you need that you never thought about before. The concept of really focusing on your most influential pages is important. They can be used as leverage with your target audience to gain them to notice you, to improve conversion rates, and to increase profits.

What is a Conversion Assist?

Success for a business doesn’t occur by accident, it takes plenty of planning and implementing the right strategies. A conversion assist is a page that is created for your website that allows visitors to get some information before they are ever converted into a lead or they actually become a buying customer.

The conversion assists makes it possible to pinpoint the pages of the website that seem to have the most influence over the target audience. This information can also help with increasing overall interactions on the website by making changes to pages that aren’t getting the attention that they should. Improving the performance of those pages and making overall improvements can be the key to seeing higher conversion rates.

Analyzing Conversion Assists

There are 5 important steps to cover when it comes to analyzing conversion assists. They include:

  1. Identifying the most influential conversion assistance pages
  2. Identifying patterns found in those pages
  3. Use what you find from those pages to improve other pages
  4. Create additional content that mirrors what you have on the influential page
  5.  Implement a strong call to action on less influential pages

Most Influential Conversion Assistance Pages

There are tools that you can use to help you identify your best converting pages. Use the same tool each time so that you are using the same criteria for comparisons. Use a percentage comparison for each conversion assist page.

  • Patterns

    Once you identify those top pages, find out why. What do they offer that make them so enticing to consumers? You will often find your pricing and product pages have high conversions. This is due to the fact customers want to see what you offer and see what it will cost them to make the purchase. Look for other factors too that are influencing them. It could be the format, the images, videos, and much more so don’t overlook what is helping them to convert.

  • Improvements

    After you have gathered such information, put it to good use. Apply those patterns of behavior that get positive results to your other pages. This is going to help you to create better leads with your future campaigns too. The result of this is more conversions.

  • Additional Content

    Adding more content pages that are similar to those that are doing quite well is going to help you with search engine rankings. It is also going to help you offer information and sales pages that are in a format that is appealing to your particular niche market.

  • Call to Action

    Don’t be shy when it comes to your call to action! Those pages that perform the worst overall should be where you want your over the top call to action methods to be in place. This  can be a huge benefit to you when it comes to improving conversion on those pages.


Taking the time to analyze your conversion assist data offers you inside information that identifies both your strengths and weaknesses for marketing purposes. Follow the 5 step analysis and then take action to increase lead generation and increased conversion rates.

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