How to Create the Most Shareable TweetsTwitter has become one of the most popular social media sites for business owners and professionals in the last few years. It allows you and your customers to connect instantly. You can easily see what people are saying about you and your business with a simple search.

The focus of your Twitter strategy should be on getting your tweets retweeted. This is show your brand can go viral and bring in more business. There are three main components in building the perfect tweet.

  • Valuable Content

    Have something to say that will be of value to your customers or potential customers. You only have 140 characters so make each one count. If you are sharing content from your website make sure the title is as descriptive as possible. Does it answer a question your customers have? Make sure your title contains keywords that people are searching for. Space is at a premium so use a link shortener for your link to save as much space as possible. You also want to leave about 20 characters free so other users can retweet your message.

  • Hashtags

    Use hashtags as a way for people to find your message in a search. If you are a sporting goods company you can use the hashtag #baseball or #soccer in your tweets to be found easier. You can even use topical hashtags like #NBAFinals or #Olympics to get your message seen. It goes without saying that your message should have something to do with the hashtag you are inserting into your tweet.

    One thing you shouldn’t do is #hashtag #every #single #word in your tweet. This is annoying and your message will get lost. Ideally, you should only be using one or two hashtags in your message. This keeps your tweet focused and easier to find.

  • Your Twitter Name

    Your name should be straight and to the point. Keep it simple. If you run a pizza place called Ike’s Pizza the obvious choice would be @IkesPizza. Don’t try to get cute and choose @WorldsBestPizzaParlor or something like that.

    If your desired name is already taken try to add a location to it, like @IkesPizzaNYC or @IkesPizza5thAve. You also want to make sure your name is as short as possible. Some names can take up 20 characters of more. This will severely limit the amount of retweets you will get.

    Remember that most people will share your message by adding “RT” in front of your message. So it will look like this: “RT @IkesPizzaNYC…” Always be mindful of how your message will look when it is retweeted. You will basically have to reverse engineer your tweets.

By following these three guidelines you will be on your way to building your brand and getting your message out to your target market. By using less than 140 characters you will make it much easier for your message to be shared by others.

Do you have any other tips for creating shareable tweets? Post your comments below.

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