How to Effectively Generate Leads Using LinkedInLead generation is crucial to the success of your business. Missing a lead opportunity can cost your business and opportunities are everywhere, including the social media realm. A few months ago the rules changed relatively silently when Facebook allowed call to actions on cover photos. That’s like having a free billboard, only millions of people are traveling on this road. The change gave businesses an instant lead generator, if the business used the space to its fullest potential, it could mean better site traffic, more sales opportunities and ultimately more money for your business. Such a little change with an enormous potential.

LinkedIn Offers Multiple Lead Opportunities

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, with 150 million members is growing. That means potential business opportunities are passing you by without strong calls to action on your profile.
Clued in companies already know that LinkedIn allows for more than one call to action. Calls to action might include:

  • Referring  visitors to a downloadable document
  • Suggesting a video
  • Visiting our homepage
  • A link to a podcast
  • Get a quote for products or services
  • Visit your blog

The next question is where to put the call to actions and how many should you include for maximum effectiveness. As you know LinkedIn profiles contain several sections. Areas that are prime real estate for calls to action are:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Websites
  • Projects

The Strategy

When developing a lead-generating strategy for LinkedIn, it’s important to ask how many links should your company’s LinkedIn profile have? LinkedIn limits calls to action to three on the main page and one on your careers page. Not having a call to action on your LinkedIn profile is one of the biggest mistakes your company can make. Your message may be some of the best prose around. It may generate interest, but if you leave out instructions on what the reader should do next, it’s a wasted effort. Always give people a place to go next and a compelling reason to go there, or they will simply go to the business who does.


HubSpot is an expert in crafting an engaging and lead generating profile that works. They give readers a clear reason to follow their page. They provide a strongly worded call to action that prompts visitors to their Products tab. And just like that a lead is generated. While lead generation is just the beginning of the sales cycle, not taking advantage of this incredibly simple plan to include calls to action on your company’s LinkedIn profile you will end up left in the dust.

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