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You can display blog posts in various ways with the “Blog Post” element/shortcode. You can see one example here and even more at the blog main menu item of this demo.

The stats show overwhelmingly that inbound marketing methodology and content marketing are working. They are working better, and better as time goes by. Very few people are successful with just blogging and using Hubspot or other marketing software.  Something more is needed to drive the success of the campaign. Too many businesses look at content marketing on a micro level of daily activities and are missing the big picture, strategy. It’s really easy to stay busy with social media and blogging, but if the strategy isn’t in place driving the purpose of those activities, you won’t achieve the results you are after.
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How to Sell Your Boss on Inbound Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Often times a marketing manager who understands the value that inbound marketing brings to their business, but they will be faced with the challenge of making that case to their boss and selling them on an inbound campaign. If there is a larger…

How to Nurture a Lead to Close by Mapping Your Buyers Journey

If you have tried content marketing before but struck out, most likely you aren’t executing it correctly and your leads are not nurtured.  Combining a strategy that maps the buyers journey along with the use of marketing automation software…

10 Signs that Your Content Strategy is Just a Glorified Blogging Calendar

There is a known advantage for companies in the B2B space who operate with a content marketing strategy. In a recent article from COO Magazine, Joe Puluzzi the founder of the Content Marketing Institute states; “93 percent of business to…
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How to Measurably Profit from Inbound Marketing in 6 Months or Less

In general, a lot of businesses are not creating a steady stream of leads from their website. Our prospects are saying to themselves "I don't want to make the investment, wait 6 months and be dumping money into something that isn't working,…
Mapping Buyers Journey

How to Create An Inbound Marketing Strategy That Works

There is an exceeding amount of content out there, but it's a noisy environment.  So how do you make your content compelling to your target audience? If you're going to go through all the trouble of creating, deploying and promoting it, you…
Mapping Buyers Journey

Respecting Your Expert's Time with an Efficient Content Extraction Process

Sometimes the idea of content production for your inbound marketing campaign can feel consuming. Not just consuming for your writers but consuming for your Subject Matter Expert (SME) who is most likely very busy with their high value regular…