Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales and CustomersContent is one of the most important concepts to understand for a business that wants to make income. While there is much discussion and debate about content amongst bloggers and marketing gurus, not everyone is mentioning how to create email marketing content that will lead directly to revenue generation. Cluster sharing, or the concept of a page being shared by a small group of close friends instead of a large network of people, is considered to be an important principle of earning money from content emails. Focus on shaping your marketing content to entice prospects to buy from you.

Design Your Emails As You Would Your Landing Pages

Every email that you sent out should not only have relevant content, it also needs to offer readers a powerful call to action. Consider what you are hoping to get from these emails:

  • Are you trying to sell a specific product?
  • Do you want to increase your fans or followers on social networks?
  • Is there a special deal or promotion that you want to advertise?

Dave Collins, CEO of SoftwarePromotions Ltd., suggests including your call to action in the first few paragraphs or even the subject. Just like you would design a landing page to direct users strongly to a specific action, your emails need to have a single overarching theme or message. This helps you simplify your marketing and avoids confusing your prospects.

Sell Your Company’s Online Offerings

If your customers can buy from you using the Internet, email is one of the most effective ways to advertise to them because you have complete control over how you sell them on what you have to offer. Also, think about including an option for “social payment,” which provides incentives for users that send tweets or Facebook updates. However, be sure that you do not focus too much on this type of tactic. Some prospects will distrust businesses that emphasize their marketing around these types of strategies.

Provide Value For Customers

You want to be sure that you give your customers information that they can use in a positive manner instead of just selling them on what you have to offer. Erica Bell at B2B Marketing suggests creating a guide that begins on your newsletter and ends on your web site, or featuring customers that have had success with your service or product and how your offerings helped them attain this success. Stories are often more compelling for prospective customers to read than a plain list of how you can help those that do business with you. Make sure that you also keep your emails concise so that you do not overwhelm your prospects or lose their attention.

Email content is an important marketing channel for organizations that want to increase their sales and find new customers. To succeed with your content marketing through emails, you need to provide a strong, concise call to action and some good reasons for prospects to follow through.

Do you have any email marketing techniques that work? Share your comments below.

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