Find The Right Online Community For Your BusinessYou need to get your business’s name out there and think social media is the way to start. Now comes the business of how? It really isn’t that hard, however it can be time consuming and is an ongoing process. The social butterfly is probably already connected to most of the popular sites, but you may only belong to one or two. Well then, you already have a start. You already know how being a member of a community works, now let’s find out how to go about picking the best ones for your business.

First you will need to ask yourself some questions to better know where you will fit.

  • What is your business?
  • What kind of community are you wanting to build?
  • What need will your business be fulfilling?
  • What type of people are you wanting to attract?
  • Why should a customer want to use your business or buy your products?
  • Is social media something that will actually benefit your business?

You will want to identify where your target audience lives online. What communities are they members of? Those communities will now become your targets of interest. When you find communities that fit start looking into the ones that interest you. Start by asking yourself the following about any prospective community:

  • How many members does the community have?
  • Are most of the members active?
  • What are a lot of their topics of conversation?
  • If they have a forum or blog what are their subjects about and do they fit with your business and to what degree?
  • How often do they post to their forum or blog? Is the blog or forum fairly active?
  • Are they sharing things that could be relevant to your customers?
  • Is this a community that you get a good feeling visiting? If not, don’t add them. ( Remember, not everyone will be a good fit, so don’t just add or follow everyone.)
  • For communities that look like good possibilities, check out who they like/follow and who likes/follows them.
  • You will also want to think about liking/following some of the ” big dogs ” in the same industry and some of the small ones.

As you find more leads to prospective communities keep an organized list and add to it as you discover more in your searches. The next thing is to do blog searches for things pertaining to your business. What are they saying on these blogs? Would this blog be interesting to your customers? If so, follow it if it feels right.

Don’t give up, no tedious it starts to feel. Hang in there, it will pay off. Identifying online communities for your business is like checking out possible friends for it to hang out with. You are the parent, you decide who is allowed and who isn’t.

What online communities have proven the best fit for your business?  Were there any that you were surprised by? Share your comments below.

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