Five Reasons You Should Take A Second Look At Google +If you have not thought seriously about using Google+ as a viable social medium, now is the time to take a second look.  Google+ has grown tremendously with over 400 million total users and of that students are the largest user base followed by software engineers and consultants.  The Google +1 button is pressed over five billion times a day and websites with the button generate three and half more Google visits than those without. The site is overall more professional than sites like Facebook which attracts a different demographic audience.  With Google+ growth and unique integration of Google features it simply cannot be ignored as a viable medium.  

Here are just five of the bonus features that make Google+ great.

  1. Google Search: You already know how successful Google search has become.  Integrating Google+ with an already popular Google search equals unequivocal success.  Users can share and recommend pages through their social media circles.
  2. Author Ranked Searches:Google has a search program that utilizes the popularity of individual authors.  Blog posts can be highlighted and featured by the success of the Author.  For websites with blogs this feature is unique in drawing specialized interest generated by your writers.
  3. Impressive Visual Content:Google+ is based upon visual appeal such as video and photos.  As you have seen with the popularity of YouTube and Pinterest, pictures are worth a thousand words of copy. The Apps for iPad have been described as brilliant and visual.  This visual appeal has and will draw a bigger audience as Google+ continues to grow.
  4. Interest Based Communities: Sites like Facebook have communities based upon games and high school classmates.  Google+ links people together with similar interests on a wide variety of subjects or similarities.  There are thousands of communities centered around a Brand which will provide valuable insight on the thoughts of the consumers.
  5. Google News and Hangouts: With the integration of Google news followers can share and recommend trends and news that effects them.  With the use of hangouts those same followers can chat and share their thoughts and feelings about a certain news event.  Hangouts can also be a place to discuss brands, hold demonstrations of products or answer questions.

Many users were reluctant to give Google+ a try since the competition with sites like Facebook and LinkedIn seemed to have a firm foot on the market.  However, Google+ has made significant gains in winning over hundreds of thousands of users despite the competition.  With its unique features that intergrade with the already fantastic Google it is sure to continue to become a fast growing social media sensation.  The visual content is a huge plus over the other sites and as the largest base of consumers, students, continue to finish their schooling they will be looking for a site that is appealing to the next generation of consumers.  The popularity of bloggers and their followers will certainly be attracted to the unique Author Ranked Search.  Google+ can no longer be ignored!   

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