Four Key Benefits Of Employing Videos In B2B Marketing Online videos are integral for businesses that want to capture as much attention as possible from prospective customers with their web marketing campaigns. A study by Invodo reported that close to 60% of buyers said that watching a product video made them more confident in their purchasing decision and less likely to return something that they bought. Some business owners may feel challenged by the task of creating compelling videos, but even without immense video making skills or experience there are several concepts that make video marketing an important tool for B2B marketing efforts.

It Can Be Simple

Vocus reports that only 47% of customers considered professionally produced product videos to be critical or very important.

Videos Improve Page Ranking

You can use keywords in the descriptions and titles of your videos to give your page an easy SEO boost. Search engines such as Google prefer pages that have a video. Also, these videos often lead to the creation of totally new content sites, which drives up your page optimization as well. The higher your page ranking, the more likely it is that your entire web presence receives exposure from people looking for your types of products and services.

Sharing Videos Is Easy

Because of the popularity of the video content medium, there are many different ways to send videos to current and prospective customers. Some useful strategies for sharing your company videos include:

  • Upload them to YouTube, where you can tag them with relative keywords to get them seen along with other popular videos.
  • Send out e-mail newsletters that announce and link to these videos
  • Post them on your company’s existing page on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook
  • Include graphic buttons that help your customers share these videos on their own pages and social media accounts

You Can Provide Product Instructions

While a demonstration of how to use a product might not seem like a direct form of marketing, prospective clients that are more confident that they will understand how to use your products will be more likely to purchase them. Also, having access to helpful resources on how to use the things that you offer will help resolve issues that current customers may have. This will save your customer service department from having to provide basic instructions to your customers and free them up to focus more on more serious issues.

Videos enhance the content of main pages and product landing sites, capture the attention of your visitors, and improve your SEO capabilities. Be sure that your company capitalizes on the growing medium of video so that you are able to give your brand a unique voice and reach a larger amount of business buyers. Creating and sharing even a rudimentary video for your organization and its products will help you leverage the tremendous power of videos for online marketing.

Have you seen any success by adding video as part of your marketing strategy? Share your comments below.

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