Using Google Docs to Manage Your Digital ProjectsGoogle Docs is a platform within the Google Drive application that creates, edits and manages word processing documents.  It is not uncommon for many firms in the process of a digital project to edit documents, whether they include contracts, proposals, plans or agreements, to email documents back and forth with proposed changes with many confused as to which version is the latest edited version.  Google Docs streamlines the process by eliminating the requirement of this exhausting exchange and streamlines your efficiency to make sure that you can focus on growing your brands online presence.

Google Drive: An Overview

Google Drive stores files in a centralized and secure online location.  You can access the files from any PC or smart phone containing the application.  Much like your PC’s hard drive, you can create folders for organizing your files and control who views and edits them.

Visit to download the application and get started.

Getting Started with Google Docs

Google Docs will be ready for use when you finish installing Google Drive.  There are three options when using Google Docs:

  1. Upload an already-drafted document and convert it to Google Docs.
  2. Create a new document in Google Doc.
  3. Use a Google Doc template to create a new document.

If you wish to upload a document you already created, Google Docs recognizes the following file extensions: .html, .txt, .odt, .rtf, .doc and .docx.  The option to upload begins when you hit the “Upload” icon at the top of your documents list.  Be sure when the document is uploaded you allow the app to convert your document to Google Docs.

To create a new document, simply hit the “Create” icon and get started.

You can view available templates at  There are several helpful to your firm including project management, expense tracking, budgets and budget proposals.  A few of these templates are also very specific to certain industries including the legal billing invoices and time sheets.  To use one of these templates, hit “From a Template” after you start with the “Create” icon.

Document Editing

Google Docs has the same editing functions as other word processing applications and you can customize your document in much the same way.  You can insert links and images in much the same way by simply choosing the “Insert” option and following the instructions from there.

You can also add comments if your document will be reviewed by others and you wish for them to understand why you structured something a particular way.  Again, the “Insert” function gives you an option for comments as well.

Document Sharing

Whether you head an organization of 500,000 employees or work as a single freelancer, you often must collaborate with others inside and outside your organization.  With this application, sharing is much simpler than emailing attachments.

From the document list, select your document, go to “More” on the dropdown menu and hit “Share”.  List your collaborators by email address and they will receive access via a link.  Adjust permissions to determine who can make corrections and comments.

Google Docs allows for real time collaboration.  When you have the document open for review, Google Drive will show who is also online.  You can contact them through chat if further discussion is warranted.  If you wish for less randomness, schedule a meeting where you are all viewing, editing and discussing the document at a particular time.

All at Once, All Together

Google Docs is very adaptable for the documents involved in a digital project.  This is due to its real time nature.  Unlike your built-in software packages, it keeps the work centralized to keep it very accessible to all collaborators.

Have any tips to tricks for using Google Docs to manage digital projects? Share you comments below.

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