generate-qualified-leads-with-your-business-blogThe role of blogging in online marketing is to attract visitors and convert them into leads. At the same time blogging also offers you a good opportunity to nurture leads to become paying customers. When done correctly blogging helps you to connect and warm up your leads for sales.

Here are 8 ways to nurture leads with your business blog:

1. Use Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Calls-to-Action are those messages on your landing page that prompt a lead to take action. With smart CTAs, you can target visitors with different offers based on the information you collected from them. CTAs for educational content are good for new visitors. For leads that have joined your list, you should have CTAs that will qualify them.

2. Email Content to Unengaged Leads

Send emails to leads that you have not interacted with for some time. Send these leads relevant content to educate and warm them up to interact with you. It is good to segment unengaged leads so that you send them content based on what they are interested in.

3. Mention Your Product and/or Service Sparingly Where Appropriate

Do not crowd your blog post with promotional messages of your products and services. When providing educative information in your posts, let the readers know that you sell something too. You can find natural and appropriate ways to fit in your sales message in the content. Do not make it appear as if you are only interested in making money.

4. Engage Your Sales Team

Your sales team interacts with your audience often. They know your audience’s needs, interests, problems and challenges. This knowledge makes it easy for the sales team to come up with topics to blog about. When you produce new content, let your sales team know them. Encourage your sales team to subscribe to your blog and send them regular reminders about your posts. The team can share your messages to the appropriate connections, and thus increase the likelihood of them converting to customers.

5. Add Blog Content Links to Other Web Pages

There are some pages on your website that leads are likely to visit. For instance, most leads will check out your product or service pages. Add links in your blog posts to such pages. The link must however contain related information to whatever the page is talking about.

6. Link To Offers In The Middle of The Funnel
You can nurture leads by linking your posts to other lead generation offers within your website. This helps new visitors to know more about your business and also to convert into leads. However, these links should not crowd your post, otherwise readers will get bored.
7. Promote Social Media
Social media is a great tool for lead nurturing. Encourage readers to follow you on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and so on. Include social media follow buttons on your blog to make it easy for your readers to know where to find you on social networks.
8. Use Your Blog Space Wisely

There are other components of a blog that are used to nurture leads apart from content. The banner and sidebar on your blog’s homepage are good examples. You can position CTAs or links to your offers on the sidebar and banners of your blog to attract leads.

The above are some of the ways through which you can use your blog for lead generation and nurturing. Ultimately, you have to gain the trust of your visitors and leads for them to convert to customers. Consistent engagement and producing relevant educational content will help to cement your relationship with leads.

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