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Marketing Businesses Online with Google+
Do you remember a few years back when numerous Twitter naysayers said it was a flash in the pan and not worth your time? It’s funny how quiet they got. You may have noticed a similar phenomenon happening with Google+. We’ve all heard the worst, that it is ineffective and a waste of time and besides, it’s only used by techies so what’s the point? As with anything, you always want to consider the source of information before you take it to heart. There are several prominent social networking companies who would like to see Google+ fail. But, from where we are standing, that’s not going to happen.

In fact, Google + is quietly positioning themselves for success and content marketers would be well served to take heed now and become early adopters. Before you dismiss this platform, it makes sense to learn just what it can do for you, both now and in the future, and consider the company behind the service.

Paying Attention Yet?

We all know that when it comes to topical search, Google is king. So, it makes sense that they’ve created a “topical” social network. This isn’t your typical network that focuses on close friends and family. This is a network defined by influence and the power that truly great content can bring your site. If you’re not paying attention yet, you will be shortly.

Google’s CEO recently dropped an earth-shattering hint about the future of Google+ and how it’s going to impact site owners. We all know how important ranking highly in results is to your site, and in the future, your prominence (or lack thereof) on Google+ is going to have a say in how well your content is ranked.

Google is in the business of providing excellent search results that are weighed in terms of authority. If they don’t return the best results, they are at risk for falling by the wayside. So, it makes sense that they would create a platform that helps them gauge authority and helps them verify the quality of the content they are providing their users.

The Time is Now

It’s so easy to get lulled by all the services that Google offers. We use Google Docs, Gmail and Chrome daily, and yes, when we search, we use Google too. Never forget that they are a business and their business is keeping searchers happy. If you want to fit into their equation and provide your viewers with high quality content, the best time to jump on board and start building your brand with Google+ is right now.

To put it into perspective, Google+ is already ranked number 2 is social networking sites and that was no easy task to accomplish, especially in so short a time. This is a brand that consumers already trust and they’ve made it easy to find what people are looking for. If you want people to find your site, what better place to start?

Head on over to Google+ and start building your profile and your network. In a few years time, you’ll be glad you were among the early adopters instead of nursing some sour grapes with the naysayers.

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